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Ivan Blatný: a great poet lost and found

Radio Prague |
6 September 2010

5 August was the 20th anniversary of the death of one of the most important Czech 20th century poets.

International fair expected to attract thousands of collectors, hobbyists

Radio Prague |
2 September 2010

This Thursday will see the launch of the 13th annual Collectors' Fair in Prague's Letňany, the largest such event in central and eastern Europe.

One for the weekend |
1 September 2010

Tropical Islands, Europe's largest tropical sauna and spa complex, is located 100 km north of Dresden.

The long shadow of Emperor Franz Joseph

Radio Prague |
30 August 2010

August 18 marked the 130th anniversary of birth of one of the most distinct figures of the old Austrian empire, Emperor Franz Joseph I.

Mushroom hunting |
30 August 2010

If you want to get lucky at the mushroom game, do like the Czechs do and get up with the sun.

Solidarity turns 30

By Tomasz Sokołów | Prague Daily Monitor |
27 Aug 2010

Highlights of the 30th anniversary celebrations of Solidarity in Prague.

Drugs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia: High contrast

The Economist |
27 August 2010

Why are the Czechs more lenient on narcotic use than the Slovaks?

Beyond basic materials

Prague Post |
27 August 2010

Jorgensen's visual poetry enhances the power of words.

Gulliver revisited

Prague Post |
27 August 2010

Ajvaz's The Golden Age uses utopia to explore mutability.

A blast from the past

Prague Post |
27 August 2010

Strakonice festival brings piping's history into the present.

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