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Václav Havel to attend US premiere of his latest play "Leaving"

Radio Prague |
11 May 2010

Former Czech president and playwright Václav Havel, will attend the premiere of his latest play, Leaving, in the United States at the end of the month. The 73-year-old author is also preparing for a new role – in July, he will direct a film version of the play.

Markets in Prague and beyond |
10 May 2010 goes shopping for fresh food and old curios.

Prague Spring Music Festival set to launch 65th year

Radio Prague |
10 May 2010

Just a week to go and the 65th International Prague Spring Music Festival takes to the many stages of the Czech capital.

Historians compiling database of Czechs and Slovaks fought abroad in WWII

Radio Prague |
7 May 2010

They are the country's unsung war heroes: thousands of men and women who fled Nazi-occupation to serve in foreign armies during the Second World War.

Czechs in Afghanistan Pt. IV: When in Afghanistan, do as the Afghans do

Radio Prague |
7 May 2010

Day-to-day lives of Czech aid workers in both the urban centres and remote mountain communities of Afghanistan.

Tears for gears

Grant's Prague Bike Blog |
6 May 2010

It's a ride from which – three days later – I'm still recovering.

The Prague pneumatic post

Prague TV |
6 May 2010

It sounds (and looks) like something from a steampunk sci-fi novel but the Pražská potrubní pošta (Prague Pneumatic Post), a 55-kilometer-long network of underground air-powered delivery tubes, really exists.

A bellyful of laughs

Prague Post |
5 May 2010

Sick humor and a portly paunch from Amanda Palmer today at Palác Akropolis.

Grandeur and grittiness collide in Prague

Globe Life |
5 May 2010

There's much more to explore just beyond Prague's popular tourist zones.

Professor Lubomír Doležel – now retired doyen of Czech Studies in Toronto

Radio Prague |
4 May 2010

Professor Lubomír Doležel, who was born in the Moravian village of Lesnice in 1922, is an internationally respected academic best known for his pioneering work in literary theory and linguistics.

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