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Gold fever strikes ČR as country hosts world panning championships

Radio Prague |
24 August 2010

The World Gold Panning Championships opened recently near the town of Zlaté Hory on the Polish border.

Prague high

By Tomasz Sokołów | Prague Daily Monitor |
24 Aug 2010

Accessibility and poor reinforcement fuel widespread cannabis use in the capital and beyond, says the new national drug coordinator.

Cool down! |
23 August 2010 scouts out swimming opportunities in Prague.

Encounter: Essays by Milan Kundera

The Guardian |
23 August 2010

Milan Kundera's exhumed essays cast a spell with their insights into creativity, writes Geoff Dyer.

Czech wine production getting better but still room for improvement

Radio Prague |
23 August 2010

Ivo Dvořák, a founding member of the association of Czech sommeliers, talks about the challenges wine production in the country is facing, and if the quality of Czech wine has improved in recent years.

1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia through the eyes of Soviet troops

Radio Prague |
23 August 2010

21 August marked the anniversary of the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union and other communist countries.

Czech literary treasures in London

Radio Prague |
23 August 2010

Not many of the thousands of passengers arriving every day at London's busy St Pancras Station are aware that they are passing just a few dozen metres away from one of the largest and most diverse collections of Czech books outside the Czech Republic.

Prague overrun by friendly people... when will it all end?

Radio Prague |
23 August 2010

Some people say that Czechs are unfriendly. Obviously, such people are simply not in the right place at the right time.

ProtiMysl – a blog dedicated to the latest trends in ČR

Radio Prague |
20 August 2010

Barbora Jarešová's website ProtiMysl shows that there is more to Prague than dumplings, beer and art nouveau buildings.

The Czechoslovak legions: myth, reality, gold and glory

Radio Prague |
19 August 2010

The Czechoslovak legions occupy an almost legendary place in Czech history.

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