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A history book in your wallet

The Journeys of Captain Oddsocks |
15 June 2010

Czech history may seem obtuse to travellers when they first arrive from abroad, but a shortcut to understanding it may be as close as your hip pocket.

Propaganda Bar opens in Prague

Prague TV |
13 June 2010

Local expat entrepreneur Glenn Spicker has done it again.

Terezín: music from a Nazi ghetto

Guardian.co.uk |
13 June 2010

The Terezín ghetto near Prague was home to a remarkable array of renowned Czech musicians, composers and theatrical artists, writing and performing as they and their fellow Jewish inmates awaited an unknown fate in Auschwitz.

Lost and found in translation: writers discuss the complexities of literature across frontiers

Radio Prague |
13 June 2010

Last month Prague hosted Bookworld, one of Europe's major international book fairs. As part of the event, six of the writers got together to talk about how literature can play a role in helping to build understanding between cultures.

Khamoro 2010: Reflection on Roma-gadje integration

By Eleonora Mura | Prague Daily Monitor |
11 Jun 2010

What defines the Roma identity? Who are Roma? And who are gadje? These were all pivotal question explored at the World Roma Festival Khamoro 2010 that wrapped up over a week ago.

'Green' hotel and hostel opens in Prague

The New York Times |
11 June 2010

A building dating from 1935 might not be the spot you'd expect for a "green" hotel, but that's exactly what you'll find at Mosaic House, having opened Thursday off Karlovo Náměstí in the New Town area of Prague

Making a night of it

Prague Post |
11 June 2010

Museums stay open for the year's biggest cultural party.

Out of the ashes

Prague Post |
11 June 2010

City unveils plans for historic Industrial Palace damaged by 2008 fire.

Writers' Festival: The noblest of Nobel Prize winners

Prague Post |
11 June 2010

Gao Xingjian says literature is 'the voice of the individual'.

Visiting Telč

Expats.cz |
11 June 2010

Expats.cz takes a look at this UNESCO preserved, picture-perfect city.

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