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Charles Bridge Museum

Prague TV |
30 December 2009

This Old Town attraction tells the story of one of Prague's most celebrated landmarks.

České Budějovice Budvar brewery

Journeys of Captain Oddsocks |
15 December 2009

The Budvar Budweiser brewery is about 2km north of the historic centre of České Budějovice along Pražská street, which was the old road to Prague.

You are what you eat

Radio Prague |
7 December 2009

It's an unfortunate habit, and a hard one to kick- I am talking about the taste for reality TV that I acquired in the United States. Here in the Czech Republic, there are much fewer reality formats in the TV program, but I have found a quality one.

Inside Prague's labyrinth of bomb shelters

Radio Prague |
3 December 2009

Deep beneath the city of Prague is another city altogether, one that most people are completely unaware of, and that they'll hopefully never see.

Albatros celebrates 60 years

Radio Prague |
2 December 2009

An exhibition in the Prague National Library is held as part of the anniversary of the famous children's books publisher Albatros.

The woman who exposed a mafia case

27 November 2009

Until recently Vladimíra Dvořáková was known mainly as a political scientist. Now the nation knows her especially as that courageous woman who disclosed corruption at the Law Faculty of the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň and even said that there are mafia structures dealing with university degrees.

Images saved for posterity

Prague Post |
13 November 2009

Young photographer recalls student march that ignited change.

ČR loses renowned photographers: Sitenský, Reich

Radio Prague |
18 November 2009

Both men had an important impact on 20th century Czech photography, Sitenský during World War II, and Reich during the 'Normalisation' 1970s.

Prayer for Marta

Radio Prague |
19 November 2009

Singer Marta Kubišová recalls dramatic comeback during 1989's Velvet Revolution.

Communist agreement to dialogue after pre-revolution env't protests unprecedented

Radio Prague |
12 November 2009

November 17 is the anniversary of the start of Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Revolution. But what is less well known is that six days earlier it was preceded by what has been described as the “smog revolution”, when hundreds of people – angered by the appalling state of the local environment – took to the streets in the north Bohemian city of Teplice.

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