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Life – A phenomenal mix of hip hop, rap, r'n'b and traditional gypsy music

Radio Prague |
8 September 2010

The four-member group first broke onto the scene six years ago and quickly rose to the top with an unusual mix of traditional Romany music crossed with rap, hip hop, pop and r'n'b. They have only grown in popularity since.

Czechs recognize German-speaking legacy

Deutsche Welle |
7 September 2010

Gustav Mahler, Sigmund Freud and Rainer Maria Rilke may have spoken German, but were born in what is now the Czech Republic. The Czechs haven't viewed them as fellow countrymen - until recently.

Upcoming Prague concerts

Prague TV |
7 September 2010

Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club is one of the latest additions.

Ivan Blatný: a great poet lost and found

Radio Prague |
6 September 2010

5 August was the 20th anniversary of the death of one of the most important Czech 20th century poets.

International fair expected to attract thousands of collectors, hobbyists

Radio Prague |
2 September 2010

This Thursday will see the launch of the 13th annual Collectors' Fair in Prague's Letňany, the largest such event in central and eastern Europe.

One for the weekend |
1 September 2010

Tropical Islands, Europe's largest tropical sauna and spa complex, is located 100 km north of Dresden.

The long shadow of Emperor Franz Joseph

Radio Prague |
30 August 2010

August 18 marked the 130th anniversary of birth of one of the most distinct figures of the old Austrian empire, Emperor Franz Joseph I.

Mushroom hunting |
30 August 2010

If you want to get lucky at the mushroom game, do like the Czechs do and get up with the sun.

Solidarity turns 30

By Tomasz Sokołów | Prague Daily Monitor |
27 Aug 2010

Highlights of the 30th anniversary celebrations of Solidarity in Prague.

Drugs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia: High contrast

The Economist |
27 August 2010

Why are the Czechs more lenient on narcotic use than the Slovaks?

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