Friday, 27 March 2015


OpenCall Mobile offers new rate of CZK 1,80/min to all neighboring countries!

OpenCall Mobile |
18 Feb 2015

Beginning on March 1st, OpenCall Mobile will offer a unique rate of CZK 1.80/min for calls in the Czech Republic and to its neighboring countries: Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia.

European Athletics Indoor Championships 2015

Prague TV |
17 February 2015

After thirty-seven years, the Czech Republic welcomes the ultimate athletic event!

Tips for trips: Pilsen 2015 - Festival of Lights

Prague TV |
17 February 2015

Pilsen at the Weekend during the Festival of Lights

Passionate Thrill/Icy Chill: Srnka, Maisky, & Hrůša

Opus Osm |
17 February 2015

The audience leaps to its feet after hearing Latvian-born Israeli cellist Mischa Maisky perform Dvořák with the PKF – Prague Philharmonia.

Czech finalist for mission to Mars

The Prague Post |
17 February 2015

Lucie Ferstová advances in her bid to become one of the first people to colonize the Red Planet

Marek Toman and a shocking story of terrible murder

Radio Prague |
17 February 2015

We are in Prague’s Jewish Ghetto at the end of the 17th century. A young boy dies under mysterious circumstances. Did he die of natural causes or was it murder? This real life mystery is the starting point for the latest novel by the Prague writer, Marek Toman.

World War Two veteran Vasil Korol dies aged 92

16 Feb 2015

Czech war veteran Vasil Korol, participant in the World War Two fighting at Kiev and in the Carpathian-Dukla operation in which he lost the right hand, died after a short illness yesterday, aged 92, his son Michal has told ČTK.

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Director of Moving Cities: my job was to get to dancers to absorb surroundings and just “be”

Radio Prague |
16 February 2015

Last year British film director Jevan Chowdhury launched an exciting new project, entitled Moving Cities, capturing the spirit of modern cities through dance.

Chocolatier Melinda Varga: Making chocolate pralines is an art

Radio Prague |
13 February 2015

Chocolate is high in demand ahead of St. Valentine's Day, and sweetshops have pulled out all the stops to attract customers. However the real gourmets will head for one of the select chocolate shops that produce their own selection of products.

Tower Park ice skating

Kids in Prague |
12 February 2015

With their Mini Golf course losing it's appeal under snow, Tower Park Praha have once again lured in the crowds by installing a small ice rink on the Miminoo Cafe lawn.

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