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Child write-offs

Transitions Online |
27 November 2009

The Czech education system is knowingly turning out thousands of unemployable young people.

Jewish Museum in Prague

Prague TV |
27 November 2009

Occupying several synagogues and other historical buildings in the former ghetto, the Židovské muzeum is one of Prague's most popular attractions.

New gluten-free beer arrives on Czech market

Radio Prague |
26 November 2009

A micro-brewery in Ostrava is now producing gluten-free beer, a product that is bound to delight Czech sufferers of Celiac disease- a condition of intolerance to gluten, a protein found in most grains, and also in regular beer.

Karel Kramář: first Czechoslovak PM but flawed popular politician

Radio Prague |
26 November 2009

Karel Kramář earned his place in history as the first prime minister of Czechoslovakia. But his political career spanned more than four turbulent decades.

Health care 20 years on: better, more expensive and in need of serious reforms

Radio Prague |
25 November 2009

Radio Prague finds out about the improvements and challenges of the Czech health care system two decades after the fall of communism.

Czech leaders miss democracy's 20th anniversary

The Wall Street Journal / Dow Jones |
24 November 2009

Twenty years ago this Friday, waves of Czechoslovak factory workers marched into Prague to join student protesters in the nationwide general strike that brought down Communist rule. A generation later, persistent unemployment and a growing distrust of the political class has taken some of the gloss off the Velvet Revolution.

Respekt weekly roundup

Prague.TV |
24 November 2009

Czechs mark the Velvet Revolution's 20th anniversary, national football team coach Michal Bílek makes a bad start and ČVUT experts offer an explanation for the Strašice poltergeist.

Weddings in Prague |
24 November 2009

Tips for tying the knot, legally, in the Czech Republic.

Jan Macháček - music and journalism, before the revolution and after

Radio Prague |
24 November 2009

Journalist and musician Jan Macháček has lived an interesting and varied life both before and after the Velvet Revolution. In the 1980s he came to be known as a guitarist from the underground bands Plastic People of the Universe and Garáž. After the revolution he began writing for the independent weekly newspaper Respekt, his work earned him a great deal of recognition, and he is regarded today as one of the Czech Republic's leading economic and political commentators.

A jewelry artist brings her talent back home

aktuálně.cz |
23 November 2009

For a person whose work is built around simplicity, Eva Eisler is a very complicated woman. A jewelry designer and artist, she titled her 1990 brooch collection the Tension Series, which included a brooch that is in Washington D.C.'s Smithsonian American Art Museum.

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