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Beer for CZK 1.70

Radio Prague |
16 November 2009

Can you no longer remember what life was like under communism? A pub in Prague 3 offers the authentic experience – grubby walls, soiled tablecloths and rude waiters!

A daily diet of history and hindsight

Radio Prague |
19 October 2009

There is currently an around 10-minute edited spot every night on the public broadcaster CT24 entitled ‘20 years of freedom – 20 years without Communist Party propaganda.’

National Memorial on the Vítkov Hill

Prague TV |
2 November 2009

On 29 October, the Vítkov memorial opened to the public as a new permanent exhibition of the National Museum, entitled Crossroads of Czech and Czechoslovak Statehood.

Connoisseurs of the keyboard

Prague Post |
6 November 2009

A unique endeavor, the annual International Solo Jazz Piano Festival is always a highlight of Prague's fall jazz season. Opens on Saturday at St. Lawrence Church.

Czechs: a nation of cauliflower eaters

Radio Prague |
9 November 2009

Talking about Czech stereotypes may be a dangerous thing if you are a foreigner, but as a Czech, I feel I have the right to do so.

Prague's islands, flood-damaged districts, focus of Architecture Week 2009

Radio Prague |
24 September 2009

To mark International Architecture Week, a number of walking tours, open days and lectures have been organized to shine the spotlight on modern architecture in the Czech capital. Read the interview with one of the organizers of the festival.

Major-General Miloslav Kašpar |
28 December 2009

Major-General Miloslav Kašpar, who has died aged 95, fought with Czechoslovak forces in eastern Europe and France during the Second World War, and was responsible for choosing the team which assassinated Reinhard Heydrich.

For love of Luke (A Christmas story)

Gusto |
28 December 2009

I almost died 30 years ago this Christmas.

Road Side Mary at Chapeau Rouge

Prague.TV |
23 December 2009

Road Side Mary + Hustler State + DJ Miruf World Audiovisual & DJ Electrom & DJ Caramba at Chapeau Rouge.

Christmas in Prague |
23 Dec 2009

Merry-making for all across the city.

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