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Joe Karafiát – guitarist and songwriter with Plastic People of the Universe

Radio Prague |
13 April 2010

When I met Joe Karafiát, 53, in Prague last week, we first discussed his beginnings as a musician.

Artist David Černý: 'I painted tank pink to get a girl'

12 April 2010

Czech artist David Černý knows how to shock. Acclaimed as l'artist provocateur, he rose to notoriety in the early 1990s after painting a Soviet tank, which served as a Prague war memorial, pink.

The villas of Prague |
12 April 2010 takes a stroll round some of Prague's lesser known architectural treasures.

Money From Hitler at Švandovo divadlo

Prague TV |
12 April 2010

As part of its repertoire, Švandovo divadlo stages an adaptation of Radka Denemarková's Peníze od Hitlera (Money From Hitler) with English surtitles.

People in Need helps war-stricken Afghanistan

Radio Prague |
12 April 2010

People in Need, a Czech NGO that provides relief and development assistance in poverty-stricken and war-torn countries around the world, opened its permanent mission in Afghanistan in 2001.

Český Krumlov and its pact with the tourist devil

Radio Prague |
12 April 2010

I have recently come back from a few days in the town of Český Krumlov – and it was an eye opener. I should explain that my last visit to this small south Bohemian jewel was around 15 years ago.

A pioneering Czech academic explores how our native tongue influences the way we see the world

Radio Prague |
12 April 2010

What goes on in our mind when we learn a foreign language? Why do we find it so much harder than learning our mother tongue? And what can we do to make the often painful process of learning languages easier? These are just a few of the questions that have long fascinated the Czech psycholinguist Barbara Schmiedtová.

Czech myths |
9 April 2010

A glimpse into ancient Czech historical beliefs

Teplá abbey seeks to make a comeback in straitened circumstances

Radio Prague |
8 April 2010

Once an enterprising religious community that was the main force in developing the whole region of western Bohemia now undergoes a restoration.

Age-old Easter traditions alive and well in Hlinsko

Radio Prague |
7 April 2010

For many Czechs, Easter goes much further beyond the Christian tradition of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The popular pomlázka, or whipping of women with braided willow sticks, is just one of the customs that have survived around the country from before the arrival of Christianity.

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