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When nature likes your house

30 October 2008

Unique in scope and theme could be the summary for the Green Architecture exhibition that opens this week in Prague.

Fancy dancing from Bratislava

Prague Post |
31 October 2008

Slovak National Theater Ballet is coming to Prague with a mixed bill of five contemporary pieces. The program titled Ky-Time is a tribute to the phenomenal Czech-born choreographer Jiří Kylián.

That other famous rodent…

By Joanna Bettelheim |
Prague Daily Monitor / Prague Wanderer |
21 Oct 2008

Krtek tunnels across borders and generations.

A Week of Tibetan Culture |
17 October 2008

October 20th-27th sees a range of Prague venues play host to A Week of Tibetan Culture.

Magnesia Litera awards aim to make reading more popular

Aktuálně.cz |
26 February 2009

A little bit of marketing and good promotion may encourage more people to read classical books.

Horse Latitudes

Grant's Prague Bike Blog |
6 January 2009

Bike blog (Courtesy)

I came racing down along a woodline from an overgrown field onto a dirt path or road, and surprised a group of five or six horses and riders, who were about 30 meters away.

Child's Play: It's all downhill

Prague Post |
9 January 2009

The Czech Republic boasts a variety of skiing and snowboarding options for your family to choose from.

Made in the Czech Republic

By Karolína Vitvarová-Vránková |
Respekt |
4 Nov 2008


Czech companies are getting ahead with product innovation. Customers can hope to see creative designs at fairs and stores.

Apparat Band |
1 December 2008

Apparat Band (Courtesy)

Apparat Band, which plays at the Roxy 3 December, is based in the realm of electronica, and knowing their Berlin origins, one might guess their sound.

Gimme gimme hair

By Katherine McBride |
Prague Daily Monitor / Prague Wanderer |
22 Oct 2008

Yank discovers Prague locks are like no others.

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