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1989 student defamation case still unresolved after eighteen years in court

Radio Prague |
6 August 2009

The wheels of Czech justice are famously slow to turn, with court cases dragging on for what seems like – and often is – years.

The return of Krušovice Černé

By Evan Rail | Prague Daily Monitor |
6 August 2009

Krušovice Černé is once again made without artificial colourings and sweeteners and seems better off for it.

Clearing the air

Transitions Online |
5 August 2009

In Prague, drinking without smoking catches on one place at a time.

I'm not walkin' down all these stairs!

Reuters Blogs |
4 August 2009

Centuries ago, in what is now the Czech Republic, angry mobs defenestrated people from tall windows. The events are still celebrated today.

What Mecca is to Mohammed, Říp is to a Czech

Radio Prague |
31 July 2009

Once you have climbed the 300 metres or so to the top of Říp the first thing you see is a cottage – a pub of course.

Cosmic voyager

Prague Post |
31 July 2009

American astronaut Andrew Feustel lands in Prague.

Fatal Star

Prague TV |
30 July 2009

Fun Lovin' Criminals drummer Frank Benbini brings Fatal Star's "Gypsy R&B" to Chapeau Rouge on Thursday, 30 July.

Putin's hard man image targeted by spoof web song

Reuters |
28 July 2009

A spoof song, set to a popular 1970s Czech tune Jožin z Bažin, makes fun of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's hard man image as the savior of Russia's battered economy and has been winning fans on the internet.

Prague books |
29 July 2009

Reading on Prague and the Czech Republic

The joys of collecting mushrooms and ticks

Radio Prague |
27 July 2009

Every cloud has a silver lining, so they say. But the many clouds that have constituted the Czech summer so far have a sort of golden-yellow hue for me. That is the colour of the chanterelle mushroom or liška in Czech.

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