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How the Other Guys Do It: BrewDog’s Punk IPA

Prague Daily Monitor |
27 October 2008

In contrast to most Czech beer labels, the Punk IPA label goes almost all the way around the 330-ml bottle, and as such it has room for a lot of information.

Global Concepts International School |
24 June 2009

A Montessori education with all the comforts of home

Oslavy Prahy

Prague.TV |
25 June 2009

From Friday, 26 to 28 June, the inaugural Oslavy Prahy (Prague Celebrations) festival brings music, film, theatre, art, sports, science, fashion, adrenalin and dance to various venues around the city.

"Několik vět" petition marked the final months of communism in Czechoslovakia

Radio Prague |
30 June 2009

In June 1989, a group of people around the dissident and future president, Václav Havel, put together a petition to the communist authorities asking them to stop oppressing freedom in the country. Over five months, more than 40,000 Czechs and Slovaks signed the Několik vět petition, fuelling the demise of communism in Czechoslovakia.

The beach life, where you might least expect it

New York Times |
21 July 2009

Smíchov Beach on the Vltava River is notable not just because Prague isn’t exactly famous for its beaches, but because of its proximity to so many architectural gems.

A visualization of beer consumption by country

Prague Daily Monitor |
21 July 2009

Each year, the Czech Republic consumes the most beer per capita, regularly hitting around 160 liters for every Czech man, woman and child. But how does that compare to other countries?

Třeboň |
20 July 2009

This South Bohemian town offers nature, beer and history for all.

Castle architect to revive Ostrava's 'steel town'

By Zuzana Kubátová | Hospodářské noviny |
20 Jul 2009

The steel company Vítkovice will build a congress and education centre in its 100-year-old property, which has cultural landmark status.

Rare black truffles uncovered in central Moravia

Radio Prague |
17 July 2009

In the Czech Republic the edible fungus is extremely rare, but that is changing.

Prague Proms

Prague Post |
17 July 2009

The core of the event is a series of orchestra concerts at Obecní dům, nine in all, organized by themes.

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