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The undead

Prague Post |
22 May 2009

Edward Scissorhands, Little Red Riding Hood and Elvis march to the beat of the death rattle.

Špotáková describes 'path to Olympic gold' in new book

Radio Prague |
20 May 2009

In the course of one season, she took Olympic gold in Beijing, smashed the women's javelin world record and was voted Czech Athlete of the Year. On Tuesday, Barbora Špotáková released a book telling her story so far.

Váchal's Portmoneum in Litomyšl

Journeys of Captain Oddsocks |
19 May 2009

Litomyšl is among Bohemia's most attractive and interesting towns, and one of its best features is that so many prominent artists lived there and left their work behind for people to enjoy.

Cult Czech comic Čtyřlístek turns 40

Radio Prague |
18 May 2009

Three generations of Czechs have been raised on the adventures of Bobík, Myšpulín, Fifinka and Pinďa – the stars of the comic Čtyřlístek.

Junior Eurovision Czech victory

18 May 2009

The Czech Republic has won the Schoolovision 2009 song contest created for pupils by an East Lothian teacher.

Book fest is set to open

Prague Post |
15 May 2009

Cuts to culture budget, fire hinder preparations.

Bedřich Hrozný – re-discoverer of the Hittite language

Radio Prague |
14 May 2009

The Czech orientalist deciphered the forgotten language of the Hittites and became the first to hear their words in 3000 years.

Beer should never be boring

By Zdena Bočarova | Hospodářské noviny |
14 May 2009

What does it take to be a professional beer taster? Pavel Čejka of the AZL Beer and Malt Research Institute explains.

At the edge

12 May 2009

With the economic crisis sweeping the country, people in the Czech Republic are becoming vulnerable to radical ideologies.

Hard times give new life to Prague's Golem

New York Times |
11 May 2009

They say the Golem, a Jewish giant with glowing eyes and supernatural powers, is lurking once again in the attic of the Old-New Synagogue here.

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