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Magnesia Litera awards aim to make reading more popular

Aktuálně.cz |
26 February 2009

A little bit of marketing and good promotion may encourage more people to read classical books.

Horse Latitudes

Grant's Prague Bike Blog |
6 January 2009

Bike blog (Courtesy)

I came racing down along a woodline from an overgrown field onto a dirt path or road, and surprised a group of five or six horses and riders, who were about 30 meters away.

Child's Play: It's all downhill

Prague Post |
9 January 2009

The Czech Republic boasts a variety of skiing and snowboarding options for your family to choose from.

Made in the Czech Republic

By Karolína Vitvarová-Vránková |
Respekt |
4 Nov 2008


Czech companies are getting ahead with product innovation. Customers can hope to see creative designs at fairs and stores.

Apparat Band |
1 December 2008

Apparat Band (Courtesy)

Apparat Band, which plays at the Roxy 3 December, is based in the realm of electronica, and knowing their Berlin origins, one might guess their sound.

Gimme gimme hair

By Katherine McBride |
Prague Daily Monitor / Prague Wanderer |
22 Oct 2008

Yank discovers Prague locks are like no others.

Ladytron |
17 October 2008

Ladytron, Liverpool's electronic pop masters, brings The Velocifero tour to the Lucerna Music Bar 20 October.

Josef Sudek

Radio Prague |
23 October 2008

The magician behind the lens.

James Blunt |
27 October 2008

A year after the release his sophomore album, All the Lost Souls, James Blunt makes his rounds on the touring stage visiting Prague's Tesla Arena on Monday, October 27th.

Museum for a palace

By Michal Komárek | Respekt |
9 Apr 2009

Olomouc had to sell one of its most beautiful palaces in order to save the project of Central European forum.

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