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Prague Castle floor renovation yields hoard of historic artefacts

Radio Prague |
16 March 2009

Taking advantage of the restoration of a floor in a main hall, archaeologists sifting through the backfill have stumbled upon a hoard of items of everyday use - that are now historical treasures.

Kostelec nad Černými lesy

Radio Prague |
12 March 2009

Both the past and present history of Kostelec is very much linked to the deep woods around the town.

Czech NGO runs “Sun School” in the Himalayas

Radio Prague |
12 March 2009

The Himalayan village of Kargyak, located in one of the most remote areas of the world, has something no other community in the area does: a Czech school.

New research throws light on predecessor of Charles Bridge

Radio Prague |
9 March 2009

he Judith Bridge was the first stone bridge in the Czech lands, and at the time of its completion in 1172 one of the few in existence anywhere in Europe.

Cutting back on luxuries

By Tereza Nosálková, Zuzana Drahovzalová |
Hospodářské noviny |
9 Mar 2009

Golf is one of the luxuries Czechs are giving up. (ČTK)

Czechs have become spoilt in the times of economic peace, but now they are forced to tighten their belts and cut down on spending. Golf, theatre and fine dining seem to be the first to go.

Tasting Europe

By Kateřina Heilmann |
6 Mar 2009

Hungarian sausage at festival of European culture (ČTK)

The festival Ochutnejte Evropu offers specialty foods from all over the EU 6-7 March.

Kateřina Heilmann is a staff writer and translator at the Monitor. She likes writing about cycling and culture.
You can reach her at You can read more of her stories here.

St Patrick’s Day in Prague |
3 March 2009

Whiskey-fueled performances, green beer, and-slurp-oysters.

Virtuoso violinist Václav Hudeček

Radio Prague |
3 March 2009

Violin (Courtesy)

Hudeček, who played London’s Royal Albert Hall when just fifteen years of age, is currently touring the world as part of the Czech EU presidency.

A lament for the disappearing bazar

Radio Prague |
2 March 2009

The joy of coming across an old curiosity shop on almost every corner was one of Prague’s pleasures just over a decade ago.

Remarkable early 19th century model of Prague unveiled in new digital form

Radio Prague |
27 February 2009

Over 170 years after it was created, Antonín Langweil’s unique and remarkable cardboard model of Prague has just been unveiled in a new form – a digital version which means users can get a taste of the city as it was in the early 19th century on a computer screen.

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