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Pride goes before a fall

Grant's Prague Bike Blog |
27 January 2009

Grant's bike ride

Winter cycling is fun. Just don't use your breaks when crossing frozen river.

Glengarry Glen Ross |
26 January 2009

Glengarry Glen Ross (Courtesy)

The Prague Playhouse returns with some more American drama. Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet opens on the 29th at Divadlo Inspirace.

Yvonne Sanchez: Polish-Cuban jazz singer who fell in love with Prague

Radio Prague |
26 January 2009

Yvonne Sanchez (ČTK)

Yvonne settled in Prague in the early 1990s, soon becoming one of the leading singers on the Czech jazz scene. A few months ago, she released an album called ‘My Garden’.

Trip to Terezín: Some holidays teach us unexpected life lessons

Austin American-Statesman |
26 January 2009

Terezín monument (Courtesy)

Becca Hensley took a trip to Terezín, a former concentration camp 40 miles from Prague, with a Holocaust survivor as a guide.

Alexander Dubček: hope and despair in 1968

23 January 2009

Two recordings of Dubček from 1968 that show both the hopes with which the year started and the despair which followed the Soviet invasion in August.

No such thing as routine

23 January 2009


A perfect hourlong run, with two challenging hills, some flat stretches, and one good downhill.

Brýle Eltona Johna (Elton John's Glasses) |
22 January 2009

Elton John's Glasses (Courtesy)

As part of its regular repertoire, the Švandovo divadlo theatre gives an English-subtitled performance of Elton John's Glasses (Brýle Eltona Johna).

Czech Church not so keen on exhumation of Tycho Brahe

Aktuálně.cz |
22 January 2009

Danish scientists seeking to exhume the body of a famous Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe may not get an approval of the Archdiocese of Prague that says is not certain about the scientific benefits of such a move.

Obama Inauguration Party

Prague.TV |
20 January 2009

American bar/restaurant is celebrating a momentous occasion with good food, great beer and a guaranteed great speech.

Key Czech nationalist text marks 600th anniversary

Radio Prague |
20 January 2009

King of Bohemia Wenceslas IV (COURTESY)

In January 1419, Wenceslas IV, King of Bohemia, signed the famous decree of Kutná Hora, which assured three out of four votes for the Czech nation at Charles University.

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