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The mystery of the forest revealed?

Grant's Prague Bike Blog |
12 January 2009

Grant's Prague Bike Blog (Courtesy)

No signs. No nothing. Just a guard dog.

Obama Inauguration Party |
12 January 2009

Prague's most famous American bar/restaurant invites you to watch history as Barack Hussein Obama II is sworn in as the United States of America's 44th president.


Prague Daily Monitor |
9 Jan 2009

Emily Prucha's column will return next Friday.

Czech scientists prepare a new generation of search engines

Czech Business Weekly |
8 January 2009

The technology, called the multi-feature indexing network (MUFIN), developed by the Masaryk University, takes a new and more accurate approach to image data.

EU Presidency: Delegates' Guide to Prague |
6 January 2009

Prague Castle (Courtesy)

A brief guide to Prague for arriving EU delegates.

Sin City.xy - Roxy Praha Silvestr 2008

Prague.TV |
30 December 2008

Adopting a Frank Miller theme this year, the Old Town venue has lined up a bumper selection of local DJ talent for what's always one of the city's biggest New Year's Eve parties.

Online concerts starting to earn money in ČR

By Aleš Borovan |
E15 |
30 Dec 2008

Metropolitan Opera in Aero. (ČTK)

Cinemas and entertainment portals are profiting from live broadcasts of pop and classical music concerts.

Events that didn't change the world but affected ČR

Aktuálně.cz |
30 December 2008

In an end-of-year wrap up Aktuálně.cz has prepared a list of eight key events that took place in 2008.

The life of a cabaret pamphleteer

By Laura Dalton |
23 Dec 2008


A young man from Nigeria struggles every night to make a living outside a Czech strip club far from his home.

Non-alcoholic wines gaining popularity on New Year's

By Miroslav Petr |
Hospodářské noviny |
23 Dec 2008

Sparkling wine sales are on the increase

The biggest Czech producers are offering their own alcohol-free brands.

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