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It felt like a secret

Gusto |
31 March 2009

Koliba, a chalet-style restaurant in the forest near Roztoky, burned to the ground 22 March.

Pavel Šporcl - Not your everyday violin virtuoso

Radio Prague |
30 March 2009

In the Czech Republic and increasingly even abroad, violinist Pavel Šporcl enjoys the kind of name recognition that aspiring rock stars dream of.

Czechs revive love of Woodrow Wilson

Miami Herald |
30 March 2009

President Woodrow Wilson inspired the Czechs to establish a democracy. Now they strive to honor him by recreating an old statue.

Conflicts with communism

Prague Post |
27 March 2009

Recent court ruling reignites recollections of struggle with secret police.

Hervis Prague Half Marathon 2009

Prague.TV |
27 March 2009

More than 4,000 runners are expected to take part in the 21.1-kilometer race on Saturday as part of the Prague International Marathon running series.

Czech Humor |
25 March 2009

Czechs pride themselves on their comedy. Many of them believe their humor is unique and that it is a defining element of their character. I can't claim to understand all the jokes, but after a few years of living here, I'd like to share my moments of amusement and, at times bemusement, at what people here find funny.

Elite clubs in ČR on the rise

By Zuzana Luňáková |
Hospodářské noviny |
25 Mar 2009

The popularity of private clubs for top businessmen and the representatives of various spheres of public life is growing. Prague Golem Club, for instance, was co-founded by current cabinet member Michael Kocáb, and charges an annual fee of more than CZK 30,000.

Apartment hunting in Holešovice

Radio Prague |
24 March 2009

Looking to buy real estate gives you a very different perspective on the grim statistics of the economic crisis.

Soviet invasion up close

By Alyssa Pry |
23 Mar 2009

The book Victims of the Occupation, which was just released in English, uses period photos and eyewitness testimonies to put human faces on the 1968 occupation of Czechoslovakia.

Conquered ground

By Roxanne Emadi |
Prague Daily Monitor / Prague Wanderer |
9 Dec 2008

Prague Wanderer

Skateboarding teens have taken over a much-reviled former salute to Stalin and made it their very own.

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