Friday, 31 October 2014


Jirka Mrázek – trading in Communist-era design items with firm Nanovo

Radio Prague |
16 September 2014

The company Nanovo trades in classic design items from Czechoslovakia's Communist era. With a name that translates as 'again' or 'afresh', Nanovo sells everything from kitschy chandeliers to simple plastic phones to old-fashioned armchairs.

Marek Toman: The Special Meaning of Pancakes

Radio Prague |
16 September 2014

The work of the novelist Marek Toman is diverse. His latest book, due to be published next year, focuses on a notorious 17th century court case, but is far from being a mere costume drama.

Pepper de Callier: Things to Think About

Prague Daily Monitor |
15 Sep 2014

"Speak when you are angry--and you will make the best speech you'll ever regret." Laurence J. Peter

EFPE Fitness Day at Žluté Lázně

The Prague Post |
15 September 2014

People will have a chance to try out a comprehensive training program.

The music in their ears

Opus Osm |
15 September 2014

Chief conductor Jakub Hrůša leads the opening PKF-Prague Philharmonia concert celebrating its 20 years, with the wish that his orchestra will already have Mahler's music "in their ears."

Book highlights fate of people displaced during WWII

Radio Prague |
15 September 2014

During the Second World War, millions of people lost their homes, family and friends, and were forced to start new lives elsewhere. The book Adventurers Against Their Will traces several such stories.

A Czech mansion reflects Art Nouveau extravagance

The New York Times |
12 September 2014

On a steep slope in the Malvazinky district of Prague stands the Vila Helenka, constructed in 1903 and a distinctive example of the period's exuberant Art Nouveau style.

Salvador Dalí exhibit

Radio Prague |
11 September 2014

Gallery of Art Prague is hosting an exhibition of works of the legendary Spanish artist Salvador Dalí.

Exhibition: Front Line at DOX

Radio Prague |
11 September 2014

Large-scale exhibit with a trench and bunkers ends soon

x, y – art and craft

Prague TV |
10 September 2014

5. 9. - 25. 9. 2014 (4. 9. 2014 opening) at Kvalitář Gallery, Senovážné náměstí 17, Praha 1

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