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Virtual striptease

By Bára Procházková |
24 Feb 2009

Facebook (COURTESY)

Exposing one's privacy through online social networks.

Things to think about on Vítkov Hill

23 February 2009

Of all the good things to see in Prague that are on hills, I like to take new guests to the monument on Vítkov.

Prague Playwriting Contest |
19 February 2009

Prague Playwriting Contest (Courtesy)

Theatregoers get a chance to see the finalists in this year's Prague Post Playwriting Contest at Divadlo Minor.

Gyms in Prague |
19 February 2009

Washboard abs and bulging biceps: get fit in Prague

Pussycat Dolls |
17 February 2009

The Pussycat Dolls' Doll Domination World Tour rolls into Sparta hockey club's Tesla Arena on Saturday, 21 February.

A return to old-fashioned revelry

13 February 2009

Carnevale ushers in the Lenten season with magic and charm.

Fog, nuts, puppies and beer

Grant's Prague Bike Blog |
13 February 2009

Grant's Bike Blog

The good thing about the Budeč trail is that it is paved. The bad thing is that the trail is extremely steep and seems to wind up the hill forever.

In the Czech Republic, a River House

New York Times |
13 February 2009

Český Krumlov, a popular tourist spot in the Czech Republic, is the setting for a 400-year-old whitewashed stone house owned by Carolyn and Cal Zukowski.

Czech Switzerland National Park

Captain Oddsocks |
13 February 2009

Czech Switzerland (CAPTAIN ODDSOCKS)

If you ask locals about the Czech Switzerland national park, they’ll often think first of hiking, but there’s also an excellent network of marked cycle trails.

Valentine's Day in Prague

By Alyssa Pry |
13 Feb 2009

Valentine's Day is becoming increasingly popular in the Czech Republic. (ČTK)

February weather often cast a depressing pall over Prague, but the 14th brings a flurry of red hearts, cheery roses and chocolate. The new tradition grows stronger each year.

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