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There's something magical about this Czech chateau

The Independent |
24 November 2008

Chateau Mčely (Courtesy)

Just outside Prague stands this nation's first country-house hotel. But that's not its only unique selling point.

Pupils intrigued, communists angered by controversial schools project

Radio Prague |
19 November 2008

Using documentary films and interaction with real people who lived through those times, the Stories of Injustice project attempts to shed light on a period that barely features on the mainstream Czech curriculum.


Prague.tv |
18 November 2008


With a sound harking back to spiky 1980s post-punk bands like The Cure and PiL, blending angsty vocals, jagged guitars and electronica, Sunshine is one of the few local bands with a significant following beyond Czech borders.

Czech-British author Benjamin Kuras on the fall of communism in Czechoslovakia and the difficulty of returning 'home'

Radio Prague |
18 November 2008

Czech-born British author and journalist Benjamin Kuras was one of many expatriates who witnessed the fall of communism in Czechoslovakia from abroad.

'Lucky' chimney sweeps dwindling in numbers

11 November 2008

Czechs say if you do see a chimney sweep you should grab hold of a button for good luck.

A musical mammoth in a small city

4 November 2008

At the edge of the Old Town in Tábor, a museum of music that will showcase more than 1 million titles of varied genres is being developed.

A Life-Changing Moment

Grant's Prague Bike Blog |
3 November 2008

Grant's ride to Statenice, west of Prague.

Stalin and Gottwald: together in life and death

Radio Prague |
31 October 2008

Joseph Stalin's personality cult in Czechoslovakia had been almost as overwhelming as in the Soviet Union itself. At the time of his death in 1953, work was already well under way to build the biggest statue of the Soviet dictator in the world – unveiled two years later in Letná Park.

Foreign food bonanza

Prague Post |
31 October 2008

Prague has come a long way in its culinary journey, and this is especially apparent in the increasing abundance of specialty food shops cropping up around the city.

Parade 2008

Prague.tv |
27 October 2008

Parade 2008 will see Czech military and emergency services parade down Evropská street Tuesday, marking the 90th anniversary of Czechoslovak independence.

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