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A mummy in Brno

Prague Post |
19 January 2009

Exhibit is a far cry from the real thing, but showing close to home.

Skiing in the Czech Republic |
15 January 2009

Krušné hory. (COURTESY)

While the Alps are tantalizingly close, you can easily spend a spur of the moment weekend on the slopes right in your home country.

Document sheds new light on Palach’s suicide forty years on

Radio Prague |
13 January 2009

Days before his death, Jan Palach called on Charles University students to occupy the Czechoslovak Radio building and call a general strike.

The mystery of the forest revealed?

Grant's Prague Bike Blog |
12 January 2009

Grant's Prague Bike Blog (Courtesy)

No signs. No nothing. Just a guard dog.

Obama Inauguration Party |
12 January 2009

Prague's most famous American bar/restaurant invites you to watch history as Barack Hussein Obama II is sworn in as the United States of America's 44th president.


Prague Daily Monitor |
9 Jan 2009

Emily Prucha's column will return next Friday.

Czech scientists prepare a new generation of search engines

Czech Business Weekly |
8 January 2009

The technology, called the multi-feature indexing network (MUFIN), developed by the Masaryk University, takes a new and more accurate approach to image data.

EU Presidency: Delegates' Guide to Prague |
6 January 2009

Prague Castle (Courtesy)

A brief guide to Prague for arriving EU delegates.

Sin City.xy - Roxy Praha Silvestr 2008

Prague.TV |
30 December 2008

Adopting a Frank Miller theme this year, the Old Town venue has lined up a bumper selection of local DJ talent for what's always one of the city's biggest New Year's Eve parties.

Online concerts starting to earn money in ČR

By Aleš Borovan |
E15 |
30 Dec 2008

Metropolitan Opera in Aero. (ČTK)

Cinemas and entertainment portals are profiting from live broadcasts of pop and classical music concerts.

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