Thursday, 22 October 2020

Real Estate

Czech mortgages are still getting cheaper, and a record year is within reach |
18 September 2020

The Czech mortgage market continues to see lower interest rates and break records. The amount of people taking out mortgages in August was very high, setting a record for the month.

Most foreigners seeking Czech real estate come from the US and Germany |
16 September 2020

Most foreigners interested in Czech real estate come from the US, Germany and Slovakia. The vast majority of people viewing advertisements on real estate portals are Czechs, but about 7% are foreigners, according to a survey by news server

July 2020 sets record for volume of Czech mortgages as interest rates drop to 2017 levels |
20 August 2020

The mortgage market continues to break records, despite the coronavirus pandemic. July 2020 became the strongest July in the history of the Fincentrum Hypoindex. The fall in the average interest rate also continues, putting the mortgage market on track for record results.

More prospective house-buyers becoming renters as real estate prices continue to rise

Brno Daily |
10 August 2020

For years, both rents and real estate prices have been rising quickly and significantly, with rents increasing at a slightly steeper rate. During the volatile first half of 2020, however, house prices seemed unaffected by the pandemic, whereas rents are seeing a declining trend, leading to a 50% year-on-year increase in prospective renters.

Krejčíř's luxurious villa fails to sell yet again

Prague Daily Monitor |
7 Aug 2020

Radovan Krejčíř's luxurious villa in Černošice is definitely not on the list of the most desired properties. It has been offered for sale at auctions since 2016, failing to sell yet again on Thursday – now being offered for just one twentieth of the purchase price.

Real estate prices continue to rise throughout the country

Prague Daily Monitor |
4 Aug 2020

The pandemic hit many markets, but the real estate industry was only minimally impacted. The prices for apartments, land, and houses continue to rise, reports.

The most expensive villa in the Czech Republic is for sale

Prague Daily Monitor |
29 Jul 2020

Luxurious villa measuring about 1105 m² in Prague’s district of Bubeneč is reported to be for sale by a number of Russian outlets. The price is estimated at half a billion CZK, making it the most expensive house in the Czech Republic.

Czech mortgages are twice as expensive as in neighboring countries |
23 July 2020

While mortgage interest rates have been dropping in the Czech Republic, they are still almost twice as high as in neighboring countries. Record real estate prices in the Czech Republic have already made housing difficult to afford, and relatively high-interest rates make housing more expensive still.

12 scenic commuter villages outside of Prague for those ready to leave the city behind |
15 July 2020

With Prague property prices on the rise, many Praguers are looking to move to smaller towns outside the city. But choosing a new home base can be challenging, especially if you don't know where to start looking.

Developers: Average new Prague flat costs 14.2 years’ salary

Radio Prague |
17 June 2020

A Prague resident would need to spend 14.2 years' salary for a medium-size apartment (70 square metres), if having no other expenses, according to a new study based on statistics compiled by three leading property developers. The average price of a new flat sold in the Czech capital has risen by 88% since mid-2015, but by just 1.6% in the past year, to CZK 106,392 per square metre.

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