Friday, 14 June 2019

Real Estate

David Černý statues support Prague 8 complex

Prague TV |
8 March 2019

The planned building Nová Invalidovna, which is to be built within three years in Prague 8, will bring together the personal visions of artist David Černý and the architects David Wittassek and Jiří Řezák. The project planning and architectural work is by architecture studio Qarta. The investor and developer of the project is Trigema.

Prices of older flats rising rapidly

Prague TV |
12 February 2019

New flats in the Czech Republic have risen out of reach for many people, and that has put pressure on the prices of already existing flats, according to data from real estate server

City approves plan for more flats

Prague TV |
31 January 2019

The Prague City Council asked the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR) to prepare two documents in the next half year for new housing construction. The most important is a current list of city-owned land suitable for new housing construction.

Prague flat prices continue to rise

Prague TV |
28 January 2019

Prices for new Prague flats are continuing to rise, and the situation is not expected to change soon. The average price of a new flat in Prague last year rose 18.6 percent to more than CZK 101,061 per square meter, according to combined data from developers Trigema, Skanska Reality and Central Group. Mortgage restrictions have made flats almost inaccessible for many people. Interest in living in Prague continues to rise, and many new buyers will have to compromise on location and size to find something affordable.

150 new dwellings to be built in Starý Lískovec

Brno Daily |
14 January 2019

Brno's official Housing Strategy lists Západní brána in Starý Lískovec among nine development sites suitable for the construction of the new residential dwellings. The area between Labská and U Penzionu, currently used as a parking lot, will become the site of the construction of new apartment buildings with 150 units.

Central Group acquires Zličín brownfield

Prague TV |
14 January 2019

Czech developer Central Group has acquired a brownfield site in Prague's Zličín district and plans to use it to build a new neighborhood with up to 6,000 apartments and tram service. The land was the former site of a Siemens factory. Central Group purchased the land from the firm PSN. It is the largest acquisition in Central Group's history. The price of the deal was not disclosed.

Tips on finding an apartment in Prague

Prague TV |
11 January 2019

Pavel Knor is one of the relocation consultants at the Foreigners Relocation Agency. His job is to arrange the best deals for expats coming to live in Prague and find the perfect apartment according to their needs. He offers some useful advice on how to find the perfect flat in the Czech capital.

Czech property prise rose 10% by Sept. last year, among steepest increase in EU

Radio Prague |
11 January 2019

The sale price of a flat in Prague and the regional Czech capitals increased on average by 10.1 percent year-on-year at the end of the third quarter of 2018 to 56,800 per square metre, according to a study by the consultancy Deloitte.

Suburbs growing faster than Prague

Prague TV |
9 January 2019

More people are moving to the suburbs just outside of Prague's city limits. In the past, the demand was mainly for houses with gardens. More recently, people have been seeking apartments, and developers are newly adding more apartment buildings to suburban projects.

Developers turning to industrial sites

Prague TV |
19 December 2018

The Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR) released an analysis of projects that tracks important aspects of the Prague apartment market such as where, at what pace, how many and what types of apartments are built, as well as how the demand develops.

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