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Real Estate

Czech Republic has second fastest growing property prices in EU

Brno Daily |
15 July 2019

According to the newest Eurostat data regarding the first quarter of 2019, Czech Republic has the second fastest growing property prices after Hungary. Last year, property prices in Czechia were ranked seventh in terms of fastest growth, at 7.5%.

New figures show Prague now needs housing for 1.55 million |
15 July 2019

The city has been underestimating the number of people in Prague, and this has a big impact on future urban planning. While the Czech Statistical Office puts the figure at 1.3 million, the real figure of people in the city on a daily basis is almost half a million people higher.

Apartment rental prices are so high, Czechs are now moving to Germany |
9 July 2019

Rental costs have gotten so high, Czechs are now moving to Germany. It sounds like the punchline to a bad joke, but it's now a reality in the Czech Republic in areas near the German border, reports Česká televize.

Prague plans more cooperative housing to help the middle class buy their own flats |
27 June 2019

Prague's City Hall is trying to address the growing local housing crisis for the middle class. The city is participating in a developing affordable cooperative housing and recently approved the basic parameters. Construction with city participation has both political and professional support, according to the City Council.

Prague needs to accommodate over 1.5 million residents

Radio Prague |
27 June 2019

The city of Prague currently needs to provide flats for roughly 1.55 million residents, according to an analysis carried out by the company CE-Traffic. That is around 250,000 more than the population as estimated by the Czech Statistics Office. "Most predictions expected that Prague would have around 1.4 million residents by 2013, but that figure has already been exceeded by 150,000," Ondřej Špaček of CE-Traffic told the Czech News Agency.

The Sharing Economy: Airbnb changes the travel market forever

Prague Daily Monitor |
19 Jun 2019

How is it that Airbnb is worth more than most if not all hotel chains, despite only being in existence less than 20 years? Some people call it the Uber of the travel industry. Whatever you think, it is clear that the world is changing and things will never be the same.

PwC report: Prague increasingly attractive for real estate investors

Radio Prague |
14 June 2019

Prague is catching up with West European real estate markets, the daily e15 reports, citing a new survey released by PriceWaterhouseCooper and the Urban Land Institute, carried out among developers and investors.

Study provides Prague City Hall with vision for new neighbourhood

Radio Prague |
12 June 2019

Up to 25,000 people could be living in Prague 7's Bubny neighbourhood, at least according to a study commissioned by Prague City Hall, whose results were announced at a press conference of Tuesday.

New flats in Prague increasingly out of reach

Radio Prague |
7 June 2019

Prague inhabitants with an average salary would have to work for nearly fifteen years for a flat of approximately seventy square metres, if they didn't have any other expenses, suggests a study by the developer company Central group. Just a year ago, Praguers needed to work less than 14 years to acquire a flat, while in 2014 it was less than ten years.

Prague to have The Flow Building

Prague Daily Monitor |
5 Jun 2019

Next year, a new glass building will be erected on the corner of Wenceslas Square and Opletalova Street. Developer Flow East announced the site will be called The Flow Building.

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