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The effects of Airbnb on the real estate market

Prague Connect |
9 November 2017

Airbnb is moving properties from the long-term rental market — which is aimed at residents looking for permanent homes — to the short-term rental market focused on tourists and temporary visitors. This phenomenon reduces the amount of long-term rental units available while increasing prices for residents searching for this type of accommodation.

Sekyra gets first permit for Smíchov City

Prague TV |
6 November 2017

The largest development project in Prague was granted the first permit necessary for construction. Sekyra Group could start building in Prague's Smíchov district at the end of next year.

Trigema will offer up to 2,500 apartments in next five years

CIA News |
3 Nov 2017

Trigema currently offers nearly 100 apartments. It prepares new projects offering up to 2,500 apartments in next five years. It prepares also 15,000 m2 of commercial area and 33,000 premises for logistics.

Domeq - new residential housing for expats in Brno

Prague Connect |
3 November 2017

CTP and inaugurated Domeq, residential housing specially designed for modern expats in Brno. The building has 159 units, with the capacity to accommodate up to 300 people.

UBM and Crestyl to build 160 apartments in Prague

CIA News |
31 Oct 2017

Developers UBM Bohemia Development and Crestyl will jointly prepare a new housing project in Prague 5-Smíchov.

Plan approved for Negrelli Viaduct area

Prague TV |
25 October 2017

Cafes, galleries, and shops should appear in the arches of the Negrelli Viaduct. Prague 8 Town Hall has approved a conceptual study called Negrelli Viaduct - An Opportunity for a Creative City. The changes should take place in about three years after current repairs are completed.

Mortgage market slowing down

Prague TV |
19 October 2017

Interest in new mortgages is still strong, but the tightening of rules for new clients may have begun to show an effect. In September banks signed fewer loans than the same time a year ago and more significantly fewer than in August.

ČR's hot property market is becoming a problem

Yahoo News/AP |
17 October 2017

The Czech Republic's capital has the hottest residential property market in Europe, and it's becoming a problem. A 22 percent spike in prices over the past year is freezing out many locals from buying a home and the risk of a boom and bust in the market has forced the Czech Central Bank to step in to try to cool off demand. While many countries in Europe have seen strong gains in real estate values recently, the Czech capital stands out.

Drn building to open soon

Prague TV |
13 October 2017

The new building called Drn on the corner of the Národní třída and Mikulandská streets is almost completed on the site of a former parking lot. The lowest story will have restaurants and shops and offices are on the upper floors.

Flats in Prague

Prague TV |
5 October 2017

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