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Real Estate

KKCG invests several billions into Top Rezidence projects in Prague

CIA News |
10 Mar 2017

KKCG plans to invest several billions of korunas into Top Rezidence residential projects in Prague in the coming years. The group is currently working on four locations.

Changes for Malostranské náměstí could start next year

Prague TV |
10 March 2017

Prague representatives have approved preliminary ideas for the future appearance of Malostranské náměstí and the city could obtain a building permit this year. Work would not begin until 2018. The plan calls for fewer cars and more culture.

City to improve flood protection for Old Town

Prague TV |
9 March 2017

Prague City Hall has approved increased flood protection for Old Town and Josefov. The barriers will be 30 centimeters higher than the 2002 flood level.

Parking may return to Malostranské náměstí

Prague TV |
7 March 2017

Members of Parliament are considering the creation of a buffer zone around the Chamber of Deputies building in Malá Strana for safety.

Belgická street repairs to start again

Prague TV |
6 March 2017

The last phase of repairs to Belgická Street in Prague's Vinohrady district will start on Monday, March 6, with traffic closed between Bruselská and Jana Masaryka streets.

Flats for short-term rentals on the rise

Prague TV |
3 March 2017

The increasing number of flats being turned into short-term rentals is impacting on hotels and also rental properties in Prague and elsewhere in the Czech Republic.

Prague 5 is developing plan for its riverfront

Prague TV |
1 March 2017

Prague 5 has commissioned a study to revitalize the Smíchov waterfront and downstream area. The study maps out the long-term development of the area for the coming decades.

Central Bohemia and Prague lead in new flats

Prague TV |
28 February 2017

The highest amount of new flats per inhabitant were built in the Central Bohemia region between 2010 and 2015, according to the Czech Statistical Office. Some 4.4 flats were built annually for each 1,000 inhabitants.

Průmyslový palác reconstruction takes a step forward

Prague TV |
22 February 2017

One wing of the Industrial Palace (Průmyslový palác) at Výstaviště in Prague's Holešovice district was destroyed in a fire in 2008 and has yet to be rebuilt. The city, which owns the complex, is now looking at two options. One is to create a replica of the landmark historical structure. The other is to build something completely new.

Břevnov may get a futuristic highrise

Prague TV |
8 February 2017

Proposals for a housing development in Prague's Břevnov district include a futuristic skyscraper that has some local residents complaining that it would ruin the look of the neighborhood around the Kajetánka estate.

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