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Real Estate

Offers of Czech historic buildings outstrips demand

Radio Prague |
2 October 2017

Offers of historic buildings, castles and stately homes in the Czech Republic outstrip potential interest, according to the Czech News Agency after sounding out real estate agents. Many would be buyers are deterred by the considerable reconstruction work and costs that would be required, real estate agents said.

New flat prices continue to rise

Prague TV |
27 September 2017

Prices for new apartments in Prague in the coming years are not expected to fall. Insufficient supply and strong demand, supported by economic growth and an increase in real wages are driving the prices. The attractiveness of the city also plays a role, as Prague has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe.

C&W: 216,583 m2 of office space to be built in Prague in 2018

CIA News |
8 Sep 2017

Office space construction in Prague will total 216,583 m2 in 2018. The current market, totalling 3.25 million m2, will thus grow by 7%.

Flatio for Business offers medium-term rentals

Prague TV |
30 August 2017

Medium term rentals are among the most difficult to find, but businesses often need them for employees. The Czech firm Flatio deals in rentals from one to six months and now has a division called Flatio for Business.

Prague and Plzeň have highest rents

Prague TV |
21 August 2017

The most expensive Czech regions to rent a flat in are Prague and Plzeň. The cheapest rents are in Ústí nad Labem or Moravian-Silesia regions, according to an analysis by developer Trigema.

Smíchov City designed with public input

Prague TV |
18 August 2017

Private developers don't usually let the public design their projects. When the Smíchov City project was first shown to the public by Sekyra Group last year, there was criticism from both the public and politicians that it was too dense. A new plan has been unveiled after eight months of discussions.

House hunting in the Czech Republic

The New York Times |
27 July 2017

The housing market in Prague is robust, with well-priced homes in good locations often selling in a matter of weeks, often with multiple bidders.

Flatio - Czech start-up for mid-long & term rentals

Prague TV |
18 July 2017, a Czech startup that provides accommodation for periods between one to six months.

Developers want red tape reduced

Prague TV |
3 July 2017

Building a new apartment building can take 10 years. The construction itself from groundbreaking to inspection takes two years. Most of the time is taken up by preparations where the developer must obtain dozens of permits. Critics say this is leading to a shortage of flats and driving up prices.

Karlín Group and Horizon Holding to build 800 apartments in Prague

CIA News |
2 Jun 2017

Karlín Group and Horizon Holding are readying the new Zahálka residential quarter with 800 apartments in Prague. The apartments will be built on a brownfield near the Hodkovičky golf course and the main cycling path in Prague.

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