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Real Estate

Modřanský Háj complex expanding

Prague Post |
14 May 2014

Construction of a new building at Prague 3 residential complex set to start

Amsterdam IPO dropped for company owning thousands of Czech flats

Radio Prague |
9 May 2014

A Dutch based real estate group whose man assets are tens of thousands of flats in the eastern city of Ostrava and surroundings has cancelled its plans to launch on the Amsterdam stock exchange.

CBRE: Demand for offices in Prague focuses on city centre |
8 April 2014

The demand and interest of tenants in the office market in Prague is mainly focused on the city centre, according to a CBRE study.

Real estate firms cast doubt on property market recovery

Radio Prague |
3 April 2014

After four years of decline, prices of Czech apartments rose slightly last year. The statisticians believe this is a sign that the whole market is recovering – but the real estate sector remains highly sceptical, expecting prices to stagnate at best for years to come.

ČSÚ: It takes 20 years to make money to buy own house in Prague |
27 March 2014

There are significant differences between prices of apartments and houses in Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic, according to an analytic report made public by the Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ).

ČSÚ: Residential property market revives in Czech Republic |
27 March 2014

The residential property market revives in Czech Republic, according to an analysis made public by the Czech Statistical Office.

Demand for apartments in Prague lead by people under 39 years |
12 March 2014

The main role in the acquisition of apartments in Prague now is played by people from 35-39 years.

Developers show highest demand for ČR in five years |
26 February 2014

The Czech Republic will see a further industrial construction in the near future.

Prague 5 and Prague 9 offer highest number of new apartments |
26 February 2014

Developers offer the highest number of apartment sin Prague 5 and Prague 9 (13%).

Rentals in Prague

Home Sweet Home |
18 Feb 2014

Have you been pondering for some time whether to move to Prague and start a new life here? Start looking into housing options.

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