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Real Estate

Demand for apartments in Prague lead by people under 39 years |
12 March 2014

The main role in the acquisition of apartments in Prague now is played by people from 35-39 years.

Developers show highest demand for ČR in five years |
26 February 2014

The Czech Republic will see a further industrial construction in the near future.

Prague 5 and Prague 9 offer highest number of new apartments |
26 February 2014

Developers offer the highest number of apartment sin Prague 5 and Prague 9 (13%).

Rentals in Prague

Home Sweet Home |
18 Feb 2014

Have you been pondering for some time whether to move to Prague and start a new life here? Start looking into housing options.

Lesson learned: Conquer analysis paralysis

Prague Connect |
22 January 2014

'Analysis paralysis' - I forget where I first heard this phrase but it stuck with me. With regard to property this is the condition where a person’s obsession with the details of a deal stops a purchase.

Real estate investor wins Orco Property Group board battle

Reuters |
7 January 2014

Shareholders at Orco Property Group voted on Monday to remove board members representing two U.S. funds that have battled over strategy with the central European developer's biggest stakeholder.

2014 Czech property forecast

Prague Connect |
3 January 2014

A look in the rear-view mirror at our 2013 property forecast.

Hypoteční banka: Czechs buy properties in mountains |
2 January 2014

Czechs are interested in buying recreational real estates in mountain centres, according to a statistic made public by Czech mortgage bank Hypoteční banka.

Lesson learned: Don't let experts scuttle your property deal

Prague Connect |
23 December 2013

Lawyers and accountants are indispensable but can also ruin deals if you let them.

Shopping center investment moving east

Prague Post |
18 December 2013

Russia and Ukraine are overtaking the Czech Republic and its neighbors in new malls

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