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How can a Czech property investor leverage their tax strategies?

Prague Connect |
19 September 2012

A look at the ways an investor can maximize the tax advantages that property offers them.

How to fulfill your tax obligations on a rental property

Prague Connect |
12 September 2012

Taxes are the biggest 'expenditure' in our life so it is well worth the time spent on understanding them and how we can reduce the amount we pay.

Kulczyk-Silverstein fund targets Polish and Czech real estate

Reuters |
11 September 2012

Poland's richest man Jan Kulczyk and New York real estate mogul Larry Silverstein have launched a fund that plans to invest up to 1.5 billion euros in central and eastern European commercial property. KSP Real Estate Investment Management, part of a joint venture called Kulczyk Silverstein Properties (KSP), initially plans to raise 200-300 million euros to invest in property in the largest Polish and Czech cities, its representatives said on Monday.

How to renegotiate or refinance your mortgage

Prague Connect |
5 September 2012

Achieving a good mortgage interest rate can make the difference from a cash flow negative property to one which is paying you out monthly.

Finding an avenue for green designs

Prague Post |
31 August 2012

Sustainable design firms seek to change the real estate norms of Prague.

How to boost yields on your Czech property

Prague Connect |
28 August 2012

Positive or neutral cash flow should always be a main concern for the property investor.

How to resolve tenant problems

Prague Connect |
22 August 2012

Every relationship can have difficult moments and this is also true in the owner and tenant relationship.

How to retain responsible tenants

Prague Connect |
15 August 2012

A responsible tenant often also knows their own value and if you take them for granted you could lose them.

How to find responsible tenants in Czech Republic

Prague Connect |
8 August 2012

It is one thing to find a tenant and quite another thing to find a responsible tenant.

Fairytale parts of Prague for great living

Albertov Rental Apartments |
7 Aug 2012

Unique residential apartments for rent offered by Albertov Rental Apartments

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