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How to decide whether to furnish your rentals

Prague Connect |
2 August 2012

After purchasing their investment apartment many landlords will face the question of whether to furnish it or not.

How to obtain mortgage for Czech investment property

Prague Connect |
23 July 2012

The mortgage rules have really changed over the last 5 years. In particular with regard to non-Czech citizens who are investing in property – the focus of this article.

Speculators await massive Prague city property sell-off

Czech Position |
16 July 2012

Czech capital prepares wave of housing stock privatization, with nearly 4,000 flats up for sale over the next three years.

Reinvention of a community

Prague Post |
13 July 2012

Statenice project brings 'new lifestyle' to Czech market.

How does a Czech property purchase ensue?

Prague Connect |
2 July 2012

Starting the purchase of a property in a country other than our home one can be a terrifying experience. There is just so much money involved, hard-earned money, that it is the course of wisdom to educate ourselves on the basics of the process.

How to determine your property purchase costs

Prague Connect |
20 June 2012

Before you start it is important to know how much the transaction costs are. This can make an incredible difference in your investment calculations.

Deposit insurance can free up to CZK 27 billion for Czech economy

Prague Connect |
18 June 2012

Guarenty Group is launching Deposit Insurance, another unique online insurance product for the Czech and CEE residential property markets.

Investment market warming up for summer

Prague Post |
15 June 2012

After a shaky start, big deals are showing trends on the market.

Property hotspots emerge all over ČR

Prague Post |
15 June 2012

Research pinpoints developing locations on industrial market

Hip new hotel fuses elements

Prague Post |
15 June 2012

New boutique hotel aims to distinguish itself on all counts.

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