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Avoiding high mortgage redemption penalties

Prague Connect |
22 November 2012

One of the biggest (financial) barriers to selling a property in the Czech Republic is trying to avoid paying the very high redemption penalties charged by Czech banks when paying off the mortgage during the fixation period.

Six-star skyline scar

Prague Post |
16 November 2012

The Žižkov Television Tower gets a makeover on the inside, with a new restaurant and exclusive one-room hotel.

2012 Czech real estate market overview

Property Secrets |
13 November 2012

Nathan Brown updates you on the Czech property market with an overview on Prague, Brno, Pardubice and Ostrava.

How to bid farewell to a poorly performing property

Prague Connect |
8 November 2012

Many investors who bought at the peak of the Czech housing market with very high loan to value ratios are tired of carrying their properties. There is a case to be made for a highly leveraged property when prices are going up but when they are flat or going down these properties hang like an anvil around the neck.

How to deal with an SRO used for property purchase

Prague Connect |
31 October 2012

What can you do to make your SRO more attractive to a potential taker?

How to guard your assets during a property resale

Prague Connect |
24 October 2012

Although there are far less horror stories regarding resales than purchases there is still the need to protect your financial interests.

Startups find ways to grow in Smíchov

Prague Post |
19 October 2012

Affordable area provides creative office-space solutions

How to squeeze maximal value from your property at resale

Prague Connect |
17 October 2012

Last week we discussed the first two tips regarding handling your mortgage as well as your tenant during the resale of a property.

How to squeeze maximal value from your property at resale – Part 1

Prague Connect |
11 October 2012

Many owners are reselling their property now. Those who bought pre-2007 are often making handsome profits while those post-2007 with losses.

How to calculate realistic property closing costs

Prague Connect |
5 October 2012

Calculating exit costs realistically is a need of any Czech investor who is weighing the options of selling or keeping their property.

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