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Real Estate

Czech bureaucracy, friend and foe

The New York Times |
20 September 2013

Reconstructing a protected yet neglected property in Prague's historic Old Town is a challenge Olena Yakubovych, head of Y&T Property Investment, fully embraced.

President to look for a new office

Prague Connect |
16 September 2013

Operating under the name "Sell Prague Castle", a campaign began on September 9th 2013 with a special web page and advertising space in property portals and international newspaper publications.

Prices of new apartments in Prague drop in 1H |
30 August 2013

The average bid price of sold apartments in Prague in 2012 amounted to CZK 56,664 per one square meter.

Lesson learned: When it comes to mortgages have a few irons in the fire

Prague Connect |
21 August 2013

When in a purchase process don't be misled by the promises of a bank mortgage agent who doesn't have authority to make the final approval. Have more than one application going at the same time.

Once divisive Dancing House goes on market

Radio Prague |
7 August 2013

Prague's best-known and most distinctive modern building, which sharply divided opinion when it was completed in the mid 1990s, is set to go on sale.

Lesson learned: Love the deal not the property

Prague Connect |
18 June 2013

In real estate investing much of the money to be made is in getting the lowest possible purchase price.

Lesson learned: Deal directly with the listing real estate agent

Prague Connect |
31 May 2013

One thing I quite often hear is that real estate agents make a lot of money for doing nothing. What many people don't realise is that often a real estate agent puts in months of unseen effort to try to sell a property before the one person comes along who takes it.

Prague property market outlook – 2013/Q2

Prague Connect |
14 May 2013

The economy is plugging along, Prague employment rates are good, banks are well capitalized and consumers are not (comparatively) under a lot of debt, Prague property experts agreed at a meeting end of April.

Czech fortress reborn as a home

The New York Times |
26 April 2013

It was the search for a fixer-upper cottage that led Jan Sedláček to one of them: the small town of Třebotov about 20 kilometers, or 12 miles, from the Czech capital.

Real estate sales in the Czech Republic are speeding up

Prague Connect |
23 April 2013

In the past year, a new kind of service called Home Staging, has developed in the Czech Republic. This kind of service is well known to people living outside of our country, but here, in Czech Republic, is quite new.

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