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How to resolve tenant problems

Prague Connect |
22 August 2012

Every relationship can have difficult moments and this is also true in the owner and tenant relationship.

How to retain responsible tenants

Prague Connect |
15 August 2012

A responsible tenant often also knows their own value and if you take them for granted you could lose them.

How to find responsible tenants in Czech Republic

Prague Connect |
8 August 2012

It is one thing to find a tenant and quite another thing to find a responsible tenant.

Fairytale parts of Prague for great living

Albertov Rental Apartments |
7 Aug 2012

Unique residential apartments for rent offered by Albertov Rental Apartments

How to decide whether to furnish your rentals

Prague Connect |
2 August 2012

After purchasing their investment apartment many landlords will face the question of whether to furnish it or not.

How to obtain mortgage for Czech investment property

Prague Connect |
23 July 2012

The mortgage rules have really changed over the last 5 years. In particular with regard to non-Czech citizens who are investing in property – the focus of this article.

Speculators await massive Prague city property sell-off

Czech Position |
16 July 2012

Czech capital prepares wave of housing stock privatization, with nearly 4,000 flats up for sale over the next three years.

Reinvention of a community

Prague Post |
13 July 2012

Statenice project brings 'new lifestyle' to Czech market.

How does a Czech property purchase ensue?

Prague Connect |
2 July 2012

Starting the purchase of a property in a country other than our home one can be a terrifying experience. There is just so much money involved, hard-earned money, that it is the course of wisdom to educate ourselves on the basics of the process.

How to determine your property purchase costs

Prague Connect |
20 June 2012

Before you start it is important to know how much the transaction costs are. This can make an incredible difference in your investment calculations.

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