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PPF Banka waits in vain for cash to convert costliest Prague plot

Czech Position |
30 May 2012

Now a parking lot off of Národní třída, the (potentially) lucrative plot was to be sold in auction with the adjacent palace.

Prague costliest city in CE to buy property in 2011

Czech Position |
28 May 2012

In the Czech Republic, on average more than seven annual gross salaries are needed to buy a new dwelling, Deloitte survey shows.

When to step into the Czech property market

Prague Connect |
23 May 2012

With four years of falling property prices in Czech Republic, many potential buyers are watching the property market from the sidelines.

In-depth discussions with the leaders who are defining the future

Prague Connect |
22 May 2012

Prague Leadership Institute and Prague Business Leaders Networking 2012 are proud to present a new series of premium Business Networking events in Prague. On a quarterly basis, in a highly interactive format, the most influential leaders in the Czech Republic and Central and Eastern Europe will share their thoughts on the issues and opportunities facing us in the 21st century.

Flats above tunnel create unique spaces

Prague Post |
18 May 2012

SATPO project aims for originality in a number of ways.

Where to invest in Pardubice and Hradec Králové?

Prague Connect |
9 May 2012

Both of these cities are university and intellectual metropolises with 200,000 inhabitants. They boast increasingly expanding industry supported by an excellent train connection (45 min) and motorway connection (1 h) to Prague.

Where to invest in Ostrava property

Prague Connect |
3 May 2012

Where to invest in Prague property

Prague Connect |
26 April 2012

The property market in Prague has been a favorite of property investors since the fall of communism and, with the exception of those who invested when prices were at their peak, these investors have been handsomely rewarded.

Can I as a foreigner purchase land in the Czech Republic?

Prague Connect |
23 April 2012

The acquisition of land by foreigners is no longer limited in the Czech Republic since May 2009.

Custom apartments for the jet set

Prague Post |
20 April 2012

Italian designer collaborates on new complex in Prague 1.

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