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What are the calculations used to evaluate property investment opportunities?

Prague Connect |
5 April 2012

To choose an investment property with your heart but not your head is not investing, it's financial suicide.

Legal Q&A property purchase

Prague Connect |
5 April 2012

Legal Q&A property purchase

What are our top three Czech property investment recommendations?

Prague Connect |
29 March 2012

A commonly asked question is what sort of investment property we would recommend in Czech Republic. There are some which have proven over the years to be the highest and most consistent returns, including through the recession.

Karlín building gains global fame

Prague Post |
23 March 2012

Main Point is the first Czech project to win an MIPIM award.

Who legally qualifies to purchase Czech property?

Prague Connect |
23 March 2012

During the past ten years there has probably been more confusion on this subject than any other.

Real estate investment thriving despite increased cost of financing

Property Magazine |
21 March 2012

According to DTZ, the Czech market last year showed considerable resilience reaching the second highest level of investment activity since 2007 – approximately EUR 2.199 billion.

Colliers: Czech investment volumes set to dip in 2012

PropertyEU |
20 March 2012

Property investment volumes in the Czech Republic are unlikely to reach the level achieved in 2011 this year as banks seek to clean up their non-performing loans and the eurozone uncertainty continues, according to Colliers International's 2012 Eastern Europe Real Estate Review.

Key ruling in ECM insolvency case: developer allowed to reorganize

Czech Position |
19 March 2012

Astin Capital, which represents the largest group of creditors of real estate firm ECM, given 120 days to draft restructure plan.

Do you have what it takes to be a Czech rental property owner? – Part 2

Prague Connect |
15 March 2012

Last week we discussed how a do-it-yourself rental property owner needed to be the wearer of many hats and we discussed one characteristic which would be the doom of such a person, that of being impatient. Let's now look at a second personality trait which would be the financial death of a would-be property investor.

Prague's housing glut: legacy of 2008

Financial Times |
9 March 2012

Why are so many apartments being built when so many remain unsold?

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