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Colliers: Czech investment volumes set to dip in 2012

PropertyEU |
20 March 2012

Property investment volumes in the Czech Republic are unlikely to reach the level achieved in 2011 this year as banks seek to clean up their non-performing loans and the eurozone uncertainty continues, according to Colliers International's 2012 Eastern Europe Real Estate Review.

Key ruling in ECM insolvency case: developer allowed to reorganize

Czech Position |
19 March 2012

Astin Capital, which represents the largest group of creditors of real estate firm ECM, given 120 days to draft restructure plan.

Do you have what it takes to be a Czech rental property owner? – Part 2

Prague Connect |
15 March 2012

Last week we discussed how a do-it-yourself rental property owner needed to be the wearer of many hats and we discussed one characteristic which would be the doom of such a person, that of being impatient. Let's now look at a second personality trait which would be the financial death of a would-be property investor.

Prague's housing glut: legacy of 2008

Financial Times |
9 March 2012

Why are so many apartments being built when so many remain unsold?

Do you have what it takes to be a Czech rental property owner?

Prague Connect |
9 March 2012

Unlike other forms of investing, being a landlord requires wearing a really diversified set of hats.

Fiasco around largest Prague real-estate tender deepens

Czech Position |
5 March 2012

ODS-ČSSD coalition in Prague 7 blocks local referendum on choice of new town hall, stalls contended sale of land plots aimed at raising cash.

Two areas where property investing can harm you

Prague Connect |
2 March 2012

Do you have some kind of personal situation where you need access to cash urgently? Don't expect to get money from your property quickly.

Prague property market outlook

Prague Connect |
28 February 2012

In these uncertain times many of our property investor clients are asking us what to do with their properties in Prague – buy more, hold or sell. This is a perennial question, the answer to which depends on how you view the Prague property market and its future course.

Expansion of Regus network in Prague creates new flexible working options

Prague Connect |
28 February 2012

With demand for flexible workspace steadily increasingly in the Czech Republic, Regus has opened a fourth business centre in Prague and its fifth in the country.

Prague districts to sell some 10,000 flats to residents in 2012

Czech Position |
23 February 2012

Praguers living in city-owned apartments may be able to buy them for as little as CZK 700,000 — well below market rates.

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