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Czech Republic has the 7th fastest growing property prices in EU

Brno Daily |
22 October 2018

According to the latest data from Eurostat, the Czech Republic has the 7th fastest-growing house prices in the EU. The Czech Republic was ranked 1st in Europe last year in this respect. Slovenia, Ireland, and Portugal are the top three of the list, followed by Hungary, Netherlands, and Latvia.

Property prices in the regions are stabilising

Prague Daily Monitor |
12 Oct 2018

Hospodářské noviny reports that property prices in cities in certain regions of the country are beginning to stabilise and seem to have reached their ceiling, after years of record growth.

Czechia has the most expensive real estate in Europe for its inhabitants

Prague Daily Monitor |
3 Oct 2018

A study published by consulting firm Deloitte confirms what most locals in Prague fear as true. An average inhabitant of the Czech Republic would have to save for 11.3 years to buy an average apartment in the country.

Czechs scramble for mortgage loans before tighter rules bite

Reuters |
27 September 2018

Czech mortgage loan demand has jumped by up to 30 percent for many lenders in recent months due to a last-minute dash by borrowers before tougher income requirements take effect on Oct. 1, part of central bank efforts to cool a hot housing market.

Survey: Property is overpriced; lending regulations will not help

Prague Daily Monitor |
24 Sep 2018

83% of Czechs believe that property values in the country are far higher than they should be, and that recent and upcoming regulation from the Czech National Bank, aimed at tightening mortgage lending, will not have much effect on the market.

Prague to tighten Airbnb rules

Prague TV |
19 September 2018

Prague City Hall wants to change the law that regulates the operation of the accommodation through the Airbnb application. Accommodation providers, for example, would be obliged to give the city information on the residents, and Prague also wants to introduce the possibility to regulate Airbnb through decrees.

Blog: No bubble on Slovak or Czech residential real estate market

The Slovak Spectator |
19 September 2018

The current state of the Slovak and Czech residential real estate market - what are the risks?

Bureaucracy to blame for rise in Prague house prices

Radio Prague |
19 September 2018

Czech economic research institute CETA published a study focused on the residential housing market in Prague on Friday, which claims that bureaucratic hurdles, coupled with high demand, are primarily responsible for the current low availability of housing in the capital. It also claims that Airbnb flats, which have been the centre of focus for many councillors, are not to blame.

Government considering faster building permissions

Prague Daily Monitor |
12 Sep 2018

Hospodářské noviny reports that the government is making a serious attempt to change the regulatory requirements for new construction and make things faster from the current 40 to 60 required permissions and multi-year process.

Libeň Bridge could become apartments

Prague TV |
11 September 2018

A new plan for Libeňský most calls for placing modern-design apartments and grassy fields on top of transportation tunnels. The proposal was put forward by Petr Stuchlík, a businessman who is running for Prague mayor in the upcoming municipal election on the ANO movement ticket.

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