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Real Estate

Israel and Czech Republic emerge as best real estate performers

Property Wire |
25 May 2009

Israel is the surprise top performer in the world property market in the first quarter of 2009 with real estate rising 10.9% followed by the Czech Republic at 9.9%, according to a new report.

Developers protest lending freeze

Prague Post |
22 May 2009

Real estate growth has stalled as banks keep right loan restrictions.

High revamp costs diminish interest in brownfields

By Denisa Novotná | E15 |
20 May 2009

The high cost of cleaning up brownfields often means that great expectations go unfulfiled. The mandatory costs get even higher if the land is contaminated.

Central Group scraps Nusle project

By Denisa Novotná | E15 |
20 May 2009

Central Group has backed away from its planned construction of 200 luxury flats in Nuselská mlékárna, a former dairy in Nusle.

1970s plan to build Czechoslovak island revealed

Radio Prague |
13 May 2009

According to a newspaper report from Tuesday, engineers in modern Czechoslovakia planned to build an underground rail tunnel all the way to the Adriatic Coast – and to create an artificial island that would have belonged to Czechoslovakia.

Sekyra exits JV with ING in Olomouc

13 May 2009

Having pulled out of Russia last year, Sekyra Group is downsizing its ambitions in the Czech Republic as well.

Office vacancy in Brno, Ostrava rises

6 May 2009

Prague's office market is more mature than its regional peers and what is becoming a trend in the capital is often novelty in the regions. This is the case of longer rent-free periods, subletting office space and renegotiation of rental lease.

State to provide subsidies to apartment house owners

21 April 2009

Apartment house owners can until the end of this year apply for subsidies from the State Fund for the Development of Housing (SFRB) totaling CZK 4.1 billion for renovation and thermal insulation of their residential buildings.

Falling demand pushing down flat prices

By Jan Záluský | Hospodářské noviny |
22 Apr 2009

Those interested in buying a flat have reason to cheer. In the first quarter of this year, real estate prices have fallen by 3% since the last quarter of 2008.

Reality 21 joins Century 21

7 April 2009

Czech real estate agency Reality 21 this month purchased a Century 21 Real Estate franchise. US-based Century 21 is considered world's largest real estate franchise while Reality 21 is one of the largest real estate brokers on the Czech market.

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