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Real Estate

Czech property prices fastest growing in Europe in 2017

Radio Prague |
13 June 2018

Property prices in the Czech Republic grew by an average of 16 percent through most of 2017, the highest rate in the whole of the European Union. The figure stems from a Financial Stability Report issued by the Czech National Bank on Tuesday.

Brno apartments: a comparison of districts

Brno Daily |
11 June 2018

Each day, Brno is becoming more international with an influx of people to meet the need for a qualified workforce. But the availability of accommodation cannot keep up with the growing need for housing. Prices of flats are on the rise, and this trend is not expected to stop.

Rohan City construction should start next year

Prague TV |
30 May 2018

A large unused area on Rohanský ostrov in Prague between Invalidovna and the Vltava river will begin to be transformed into housing for 3,500 people. The private development called Rohan City will cost some CZK 10 billion. The project by developer Sekyra Group will be on one of the city's largest brownfields and cover some 200,000 square meters.

City trying to change building law

Prague TV |
25 April 2018

A working group to create a new building law has been set up at Prague City Hall, according to Prague Mayor Adriana Krnáčová, who was speaking at a real estate related conference. Experts agree with city officials that the current system of land-use planning and construction permitting needs to be overhauled. Krnáčová says the lengthy building permit process is one of the main reasons why available apartments are currently lacking in Prague. The short supply leads to sharp increases in housing prices.

New flat prices in Prague rise by 23 percent year-on-year

Radio Prague |
19 April 2018

The average price for new flats in Prague increased in the first quarter of 2018 by 22.8 percent year-on-year to 88.552 crowns per square meter, according to the data by developer companies Trigema, Skanska reality and Central Group released at a press conference on Wednesday.

Prague will build new apartments

Prague TV |
11 April 2018

Prague City Hall is preparing to build new city-owned flats for the first time in more than 11 years. There will be five projects to expand accommodations for people who are unable to afford housing within their own means.

CEFC Europe says not planning sale of Czech real estate

Reuters |
28 March 2018

A reported plan by Chinese conglomerate CEFC China Energy to sell its global real estate portfolio does not include assets in the Czech Republic, a spokesman for the Czech-based unit CEFC Europe said.

Penta gets land for Zaha Hadid project

Prague TV |
20 March 2018

Land needed for the rebuilding of the area around Masarykovo nádraží has been turned over to a subsidiary of investment group Penta, according to information in the Land Registry. The site is bordered by the railway tracks, the highway and Hybernská Street. The land, which now serves as a parking lot mainly for postal vehicles, was bought by Penta group from Czech Railways. The lot was previously merged into one piece, including a purchase of land from the Czech Post Office.

IBA celebrates its 20th anniversary in Prague

Prague Connect |
22 February 2018

Ian Bryan Architects (IBA), one of the Czech Republic's leading international architectural practices marks its 20th anniversary this year. The firm is headed up by the architects Ian Bryan and Eduard Trembulak.

Colliers Q4 data shows Czech real estate injoyed solid year in 2017

Prague Connect |
21 February 2018

A rally in investment flows in the fourth quarter of over €1 billion meant the Czech Republic saw total investment volume of €3.73 billion in 2017. This made it the second strongest year in the market's history, according to the latest research from global property advisers Colliers International.

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