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Real Estate

Central Bohemia leading in new housing starts

Prague TV |
16 February 2018

The largest number of housing starts in 2017 in the Czech Republic was in the Central Bohemia region. This goes along with a trend of suburbanization that has been going on since the 1990s, according to the Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ). Prague was in second place for housing starts.

Industrial real estate offer seen rising by around 10% in 2018

Radio Prague |
12 February 2018

The offer of industrial real estate is expected to increase by around 10 percent compared to 2017 while demand is expected to rise by 8.3 percent. The figures stem from a study by CEEC Research which sounded out around 40 companies. Most of the interest in new industrial property comes from foreign based firms.

Over 1,000 flats planned for ex-industrial site in Prague's Vysočany

Radio Prague |
6 February 2018

Over a thousand new apartments are to be built on a former industrial site in the Prague district of Vysočany, E15 reported on Monday. Factory halls of the collapsed firm ČKD DIZ are to be demolished to make way for the construction project, which is the biggest yet from billionaire developer Milan Šrejber and his Pankrác development company, the newspaper said.

Mortgages set record last year

Prague TV |
1 February 2018

People borrowed a record CZK 285 billion in mortgages last year. Banks negotiated fewer mortgages than in 2016, but loan values were higher. This is due to households doing well and becoming willing to get more indebted.

New flat prices in Prague rise by almost 20% in 2017

Radio Prague |
1 February 2018

The average price rise for new flat in the Czech capital Prague rose last year by around 19.1 percent to reach around 85,223 crowns per square metre, according to a group of the leading developers and builders of new flats in the city.

Big changes coming to National Museum area

Prague TV |
29 January 2018

The City Council has approved steps to renovate the area around the National Museum. Changes will take place this and next year between the historic and new buildings of the museum, which are across the street from each other.

Prague flats up 68 percent in five years

Prague TV |
26 January 2018

Flats in Prague have been a good investment. They have appreciated more than the Czech and European stock exchanges or gold since 2012. A CZK 1 million investment in housing in Prague earned CZK 680,000 in five years, according to data from real estate developer Central Group. This is an increase of 68 percent, and there has not been much volatility.

Foreigners bought 8 percent of new flats

Prague TV |
5 January 2018

In the third quarter of 2017, foreigners bought 8 percent of new apartments in development projects in Prague. Most often the foreign buyers were Russians. Just under a third of the development project flats were sold in Prague 10, followed by Prague 5 and Prague 9.

Public can get involved in city planning in 2018

Prague TV |
3 January 2018

A lot is planned for the development of the city in 2018. One of the main events will be the public discussion of the Metropolitan Plan. Architects and city officials have been working on the plan since 2012, and the public will be able to get involved in the spring.

CBRE: Volume of real estate investments will reach EUR 3.3bn

CIA News |
22 Dec 2017

The volume of real estate investments in 2017 will show the second highest figure in history and will be close to the threshold of EUR 3.3bn.

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