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Prague may be short of flats in the future

Prague TV |
18 May 2017

The population of Prague is expected to rise to 1.37 million by 2030, adding some 93,000 to the current population. This estimate, which is based on the city's strategic plan for development, draws attention to the lack of new affordable housing being built.

Florenc area to be spruced up

Prague TV |
12 May 2017

The area near the Florenc metro stop and bus depot is one of the less inviting places in the city. But that may change. Za Poříčskou bránou is set to be revitalized.

Prague planning to face climate change

Prague TV |
24 April 2017

The average temperatures in Prague have gradually risen to more 10 degrees Celsius since the 1960s, and the city is looking at ways to mitigate the problem. While 10 degrees does not sound warm, the average takes into account nights and also winter. The city wants to use green plants help to control the temperature.

Apartment prices up 30 percent in two years

Prague TV |
20 April 2017

Apartment prices in Prague have been rising. In January and February 2017 the average price for a new apartment rose 2.5% to CZK 88,500 per square meter, representing an annual increase of 21.2%. In two years, housing prices have risen by more than 30%.

Demolition begins on Wenceslas Square 47

Prague TV |
18 April 2017

The long battle over the building on the corner of Wenceslas Square and Opletalova Street is over. Demolition began Saturday, April 15, with a scaffolding and tarps being erected, ending a six-year saga. A new glass building at Václavské náměstí 47 called Flower House will be erected on the site by developer Flow East.

Park next to the National Museum will see changes

Prague TV |
27 March 2017

Čelakovského sady next to the National Museum at the top of Wenceslas Square is set to be upgraded, after the renovations to the museum are finished. It has recently been a place were homeless people and drug users congregate due to it being a bit isolated between two busy roads.

Selling your house as a part of a divorce in the Czech Republic

Prague TV |
27 March 2017

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Prague has most expensive old houses

Prague TV |
21 March 2017

Old houses in Prague are five times more expensive than in the Vysočina region, which is the least expensive area of the Czech Republic. A square meter in Prague was CZK 50,840 on average at the end of the year, while in Vysočina it was CZK 9,618. Prices went up an 11.6% on average nationwide to CZK 23,218 per square meter, according to the company CeMap.

Real estate firm owner Morcinek to head ANO's election campaign

17 Mar 2017

Petr Morcinek, who owns the M&M Reality estate firm, will be the chief manager of the Czech government ANO movement's campaign ahead of the October general election, ANO spokesman Vladimir Vorechovsky told CTK on Thursday, adding that the ANO board has approved Morcinek's nomination.

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Prague city council looks at construction of social housing

Radio Prague |
17 March 2017

Prague City Hall is planning to build hundreds of council houses within the next few years, the daily Hospodářské noviny wrote on Thursday. The first apartments are set to be built at the Černý Most housing estate. According to the daily, City Hall plans to select more locations in the city where hundreds of council apartments could be built in the near future.

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