The purpose of any charity event is to raise money for a good cause, right? So people should be aware that you are not only trying to get them to come to your event, but they will also have an opportunity for donating. When promoting your charity event, you strive to eliminate spending to ensure that the vast majority of funds raised go directly to the charity. And advertising is expensive. You Are On Your OwnWho tells you the media are happy to assist in charity functions by supplying free advertisement is terribly wrong. You also might believe you master the art of receiving a free advertisement for your charity event by converting your message into news. Well … forgetContinue Reading

Provide IncentivesIf you create it, they will come, right? Not necessarily when it comes to surveys. Creating your survey is just the start. Then you have to figure out how to actually get your customers to take it. People receive tons of messages every week. So how do you cut through the noise and get them to pay attention to your survey? People are likely to take your survey if you are giving them what they want. Give People What They WantPositive incentives such as money, rewards, or recognition motivate us to take action. And we tend to prefer small rewards sooner than large rewards later. Yet there are many pros and cons of incentivizing surveys. On the one hand,Continue Reading

So you think you should just develop your custom mobile app to reach zillions of users, make big money, and become famous? Well, today, I would like to address why you just should not do exactly this. It will cost you fortuneMoney always comes first. How much does it cost you to make your custom mobile app depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Of course, it depends also on who and how builds the app. If you think to have something basic (like a calculator, stopwatch, or timer), you will pay a few thousand euro. And as the complexity increases so does the cost. A more complex mobile app can cost you easily more than a hundred thousandContinue Reading