The publishing house Kher was established by students of Romani language and culture at Charles University some eight years ago. The aim was to support and promote not just literature but use of the minority language itself. The latest book from Kher, which means “home” in Romani, is a collection of short stories about the spirits of the dead – an anthology published in large part thanks to a crowdfunding campaign.Continue Reading

A few dozen officers were deployed searching for a senior man in the Prostějov region who was last seen on a walk with his pony. The man was found with a bottle of brandy – the price for his pony. The man’s wife reported him missing to the police as he never returned home from his walk with the pony. The man was found later on the same day lying drunk in a ditch – turned out, he sold the pony for a bottle of plum brandy. “Due to the related health condition and weather conditions, the police immediately organized a search operation,” said a police spokesman, reports. A few hours later, the police found the man in aContinue Reading

The government is planning to extend the state of emergency again – this time until the 11th January, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has announced. Yet, the opposition stands against the proposal. The news come following a considerable but not complete improvement of the epidemiological situation in Czechia.“The data for Tuesday did not inspire me at all. The numbers are still high. The only solution is the vaccine. Therefore, we will ask for an extension of the state of emergency for another thirty days,” he said according to The Czech Republic has already committed to buying five million doses of the vaccine from different manufacturers. It has also started preparing a plan for those who will be vaccinated in January.Continue Reading

November 25, 2020 – Prague, Czech Republic. The University of New York in Prague (UNYP), in partnership with the State University of New York, Empire State College, announced the launch of three new academic programs in Child Development, Political Science, and Digital Media Arts. Just in time for the 2021-2022 admissions, UNYP has received Czech ministry (MŠMT) approval to launch three new American bachelor’s degree programs in partnership with the State University of New York, Empire State College. Beginning from Fall 2021, UNYP students will be able to embark upon undergraduate studies in Child Development, Political Science, and Digital Media Arts. Although these specialized programs are new, the University of New York in Prague has offered American bachelor’s degrees forContinue Reading

There are many factors that affect how well a student manages to learn a foreign language – student`s motivation, natural talent and diligence, quality of the lecturer and the chosen teaching method. And there is a whole wide range of teaching methods. According to Simona Škurková, Director of the Lingua Centrum Language School, the most effective way in modern adult education is to combine several methods in an optimized ratio. In her comment she states which language teaching methods are (or were) the most common in the Czech Republic and what are their advantages and disadvantages. Not only foreign language teaching methods are undergoing logical development. Some methods are becoming obsolete, while others are emerging. Currently there are many classic,Continue Reading

From September 2020, UNYP will be subscribing to the Perlego textbook platform. This partnership between UNYP and Perlego provides unlimited free digital textbooks to students that allows everyone to continue learning safely anywhere and at any time. Students and faculty will have free access to over 300k book titles, with the goal of 100% access to diverse course readings for graduate and undergraduate programs. While it is a considerable investment, we feel that the ensuring access and diversity will revolutionize the learning process. Free online access to a library of this size means that our students won’t be confined to a single mandatory book per class, but can work with dozens of excerpts from different books while saving significant amountsContinue Reading