“We have been taught how to learn from experience, but what is needed today is the ability to learn without experience. What’s needed today is conceptual reasoning skills that connect new ideas and work across contexts.” David Epstein “Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World” For those of you with whom this quote resonates, I can say without hesitation, that you will enjoy Epstein’s book, Range. This book is the repository of many scientific studies and a lot of common sense. Malcolm Gladwell offers a front cover quote, “Makes me thoroughly enjoy the experience of being told that everything I thought about something was wrong. I loved Range.” Epstein’s take on breadth versus depth in the 21st century isContinue Reading

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: “Don’t confuse what people in Washington are saying for what people in the country are feeling.” The 32nd president of the United States, Roosevelt was also one of the most loved by the people for his common sense and caring. This quote came as the result of a caution he issued to his cabinet and his aides. He realized how easy it was to live in a bubble of power and authority and be disconnected from reality. I see this frequently in business when leaders create an atmosphere of quiet acceptance in which people are intimidated and do not speak out, other than to agree. The shame of it is that people shut down and do notContinue Reading