The Baťa shoe company is one of the most famous and successful Czech businesses in the world. In large part thanks to its rapid international expansion during the interwar era, which was based around copy-pasting the successful company model abroad through the sending out of special core teams made up of Czech Baťa employees. But how did this work in practice? Jan Beránek has written a book which traces the life of his ancestor Silvestr Němec, who was one of the so-called Baťamen sent to Singapore in the 1930s.Continue Reading

Although the recent lockdown slowed the pace of the Covid-19 epidemic, the country now seems to have hit a plateau. According to the Center for Modelling of Biological Processes (BISOP), the stagnation in the development of the Covid-19 epidemic is partly due the fact that people do not want to be tested and do not report all their contacts to hygienists.Continue Reading

On the occasion of the festive season, the Czech Center in New York has prepared a series of events celebrating the tradition of Czech glass-making. One of the highlights is a new collection of unique Christmas ornaments manufactured in the renowned Glass School in Železný Brod, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.Continue Reading

In response to changing trends, the Ministry of Culture has announced plans to establish a new fund for the support of television and videogame production, Czech Television reported on Sunday. If the subsidy programme is approved by the government, it would bring CZK 750 million of funding for original television shows and videogames.Continue Reading