Scott.Weber Workspace’s newly opened Praga Office & Garden workspaces offer businesses and independent professionals a versatile working atmosphere. The building, which is located in the heart of Karlín, represents the district’s industrial heritage and the genius loci of the former Praga car assembly plant, which was previously housed here. The automotive industry’s influence can also be seen in the overall office layout solution, right down to the tiniest furniture specifics.  The building atmosphere Praga Office & Garden is a historically significant building with a distinctive architectural style. Its architecture is based on the district’s former industrial character. Concrete, metal, stone, painted steel, brass details, cognac leather, and terrazzo are only a few of the materials used. The architecture and interiorContinue Reading

Once again, the famous beer garden will open its doors to sports fans. The organizers are preparing a secure spectator arena with a giant screen, a grandstand, and a reservation system. This year’s first major sporting event will be the World Hockey Championship, which begins on May 21. Championship details The dates for the IIHF World Championship are already predetermined: from the 21st of May to the 6th of June. In 2021, due to the political events in Minsk, Belarus, the host country will be only one – Latvia. This was decided by the IIHF management.  In previous years, both countries were co-hosting partners.  The grand opening of the championship begins with the matches between Russia and the Czech Republic,Continue Reading