In 2016, the volume of new loans provided by the Home Credit Group grew 75.9% on the year to EUR 11.53bn. The biggest contribution to the result came from the Asian market (EUR 8.01bn), mainly China (EUR 6.72bn) and Vietnam (EUR 787m). The net loan portfolio grew from EUR 5.83bn to EUR 9.86bn on the year. Net profit amounted to EUR 210.2m. In 2015, the Group posted a loss of EUR 41.6m. The number of active Home Credit clients increased to 20.1m (+60%) on the year at the end of the reported period. Board chairman and general director Jiří Šmejc said that all established markets including Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Vietnam contributed to the positive result. India, Indonesia and the Philippines remain in the investment phase towards future profitability.