J&T FINANCE GROUP SE (JTFG) showed a consolidated profit after taxation in the amount of EUR 61.82m in 2016. This stems from audited results of the company. Its consolidated profit after taxation totalled EUR 72.55m in 2015. Operating income fell 1.96% y/y to EUR 419.80m. Group’s total assets reached EUR 10.05bn (-4.86%). Core capital increased 15.7% to EUR 1.48bn due to the subscription of an issue of unsecured investment certificates issued by JTFG in the amount of EUR 200m. The total volume of loans and advance payments provided to clients increased 5.54% to EUR 5.65bn. Labilities to clients fell 7.17% to EUR 7.54bn. The group also informed that the approval process related with the acquisition of a stake of 50% in JTFG by CEFC will most likely take the entire year of 2017. The Chinese group currently holds a stake of 9.9% in the company.

Source: www.cianews.cz