The Czech tech start-up Iterait, which develops AI systems, has succeeded with its smart device Vividi, which collects completely anonymized information about customers, in Germany (specifically Saxony-Anhalt). Together with the local business partner – Infinite Devices – which they acquired thanks to close cooperation with the Czech Academy of Sciences and  the Deutsche Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK), they jointly developed an application to monitor swimming pool attendance (due to Covid-19 government restrictions, German pools must meet their maximum occupancy). Their special cameras are already installed there. According to the available data, nothing similar exists in Europe yet.  

The above-mentioned application counts the visitors of the swimming pool in the pool area without specific entrances – it is possible to enter along the entire length of the edges of the pool. People can dive, so they disappear from camera view. The installation of the device is very easy, it can be done immediately and start measuring immediately. Online support works remotely. Currently, it works in Saline Bad Halle and Nordbad Halle (both Magdeburg).  

photo by Dominika Pokorna

Adam Blazek, CEO and founder of Iterait, adds: “By carrying important data about German citizens, our Vividi device was necessary to ensure that the project was not sent to Amazon, but to IBM servers. For us, of course, this is a great opportunity to gain a foothold in the local market and further strengthen our position there. Especially in Saxony-Anhalt, that is historically known for its famous swimming schools, one of the best in Germany. “ 

Vividi, an elegant little box, uses Edge AI technology, which means that camera monitors only statistics and all analysis is done inside the device. No image is stored or uploaded to the cloud. This means that the solution ensures complete anonymization and maximum data security as well as compliance with GDPR. Its rental is affordable, in addition, it consumes a minimum of electricity. 

“​Keeping in line with Covid-19 restrictions, our test swimming pool instances use the data of movement, distancing and occupancy to control the circulation system and water quality management on our AIoT platform infinimesh, with AI driven models. Vividi perfectly integrates into our sensor fleet, having a strong emphasis on privacy by design and 100% GDPR compliance,” explains Bruno Kramm, CEO Infinite Devices. 

photo by Dominika Pokorna

The project is co-financed by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic as part of the DELTA 2 program of international cooperation in applied research. “In the future, we plan to further deepen our cooperation with the German Infinite Devices, especially in the area of ​​smart cities and entertainment,” concludes Blazek. In addition, the company also plans to introduce Vividi in foreign markets, where it is gradually beginning to build a strong distribution network and expand its product portfolio. 

This Spring, the important European portal ranked the company among the 10 most promising Czech startups that it makes sense to watch in 2021.