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Czech News in English » Business » Delta Capital to open care center, planning TCM expansion

Delta Capital to open care center, planning TCM expansion

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Delta Capital will in 2017 open a day care center for people with Alzheimer’s in Třebíč. The chairman of Delta Capital’s board of directors Michael Broda told ČIANEWS that the group’s plan is to open one new clinic every year. Delta Capital has parties interested in the project that would finance the construction of the centers. They will be operated by Delta Medical Holding. The group’s plan is also a joint investment with Chinese partners from clinic Tong Ren Tang into the purchase of Czech spas. The aim of the project is to merge traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the spa culture. The joint venture of Delta Capital and Tong Ren Tang also counts on the expansion of TCM clinics to regional cities and the expansion of TCM products to pharmacy chains.

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