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Czech News in English » Business » Petříček says Poche will finish at Foreign Ministry

Petříček says Poche will finish at Foreign Ministry

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Tomas Petricek of the CSSD who was officially nominated to the post of Foreign Minister by the PM Andrej Babis (ANO) within the ruling coalition, said that his mentor and former CSSD nominee for the post, MEP Miroslav Poche will finish at the Foreign Ministry shortly.

Poche is currently a political secretary at the ministry, a move that was necessitated by President Milos Zeman’s refusal to appoint him minister. Petricek told Czech Television, that Poche was in the role to aid party leader and Defence Minister Jan Hamacek who took on the additional role as Foreign Minister in the meanwhile, and, once Petricek takes over, Poche will not be needed.

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