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Czech News in English » Business » Young Czech mothers run business as firms do not want them

Young Czech mothers run business as firms do not want them

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Prague, Dec 2 (CTK) – More and more young Czech mothers decide to run their own business since firms do not want to employ them after maternity leave, daily Pravo wrote Wednesday.

It says, referring to a survey, that almost 30 percent of mothers after a two-year maternity leave and most of those who want to return to work after three or four years at home lose their jobs.

Their employers do not wait for them, though they must under the law, or they take them back for a while only to be able to sack them as their original position was filled in the meantime. On the other hand, young mothers sometimes do not manage to work full time.

The share of women with small children who decide to run business has increased by 74 percent in the past few years, according to a survey of the Sociological institute of the Science Academy (AV) from 2008-2015.

“In fears of unemployment, women more and more frequently seek a solution in running business. However, it is often not their first choice, but a forced strategy,” Alena Krizova, from the Institute, told Pravo.

“The necessity to run business is probably one of the negative economic impacts of motherhood in the Czech Republic,” she added.

Mothers with secondary or university education or with a specific qualification choose this path more often than those with low education, Pravo says.

In general, they run business rather in services from home, that is in the fields where no initial investment is needed, such as tax consultancy or accounting.

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