ČEZ ESCO is buying majority or 100% stakes in light manufacturer Hormen CE, air conditioning supplier AirPlus, photovoltaic power plant installation company OEM Energy and company EasyPower, which operates local distribution grids.

AirPlus (ČEZ is acquiring 100 %), EasyPower (100 %) and Hormen (51 %) are Czech companies and the buyer is ČEZ ESCO. Polish company OEM Energy (51 %) will fall under ESCO International. ČEZ board of directors member and sales and strategy division director Pavel Cyraní said that the new acquisitions mean a further strengthening on the Czech energy services market and acquisitions entry on to the Polish market, where the group is about to sign one further acquisition involving the modernization of heating management.

In the first phase ČEZ ESCO wants to focus not only on the Czech Republic and Poland but also Slovakia, Germany and possibly Romania. It is analyzing further markets.